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Sunday, March 11, 2007

In Memory Of My Dog Beau

beau en gina 001

My dog Beau past away last year, on the 21st of march. In the evening around 10 o’clock she started to feel sick and we took her outside, it was dark outside end in the light from the streetlights we could see her stomach getting bigger and bigger. I straight away new this was not good and called the animal ambulance, but they said i would be quicker if i would take her to the vet myself. When we arrived at the vet she straight away said it was not looking good, it seems that Beau hat a tumor in the mild and it hat ruptured, she hat blood in her stomach and was in shock. The vet said that she could not operate on her because her heart was beating like crazy, she would not make a chance off getting through the operation. So we had to humanly euthanast her. She died at 10 minutes to 12.


It was a very hard decision to take, she was only 12 years old and we had her for those 12 years, we also have another dog called gina and she is gonna be 17 on the 15th of june and they always have been the best friends. Gina aged a lot since Beau died, she misses her very much, as we all do. I can remember when we brought Beau home, Gina was born in our house so we had her already for 3 years, beau always liked to play with Gina’s ears, so after a while one off Gina’s ears hat lesser hair on it than the other one.

Beau My Sweety

She was a very playful dog, she loved to dig the biggest holes and she was crazy about her tennis ball en running for a thrown stick. She was the best dog you can have and we had so much fun with her, and we are very happy that she was a part of our family for 12 years. We had Beau cremated and we took her home with us, when the time comes and Gina has to leave us they will share the same urn and be together again. I cannot tell how much i miss her and i guess i always will, she was a big part in my live and i am scared for the day that Gina will leave us too, but happy that they will be together for ever

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  1. She was such a great dog and companion and I will always miss Her. Words can not express how much She meant to Me

    Comment by soozie — March 11, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

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