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Sunday, March 25, 2007



This is my youngest daughter, Caroline, nearly 18, she is the out going one, has dozens of friends, when you walk with her in town there is always somebody greeting her. She loves music and like Soozie she is crazy about the latest fashion. She saves anything with a playboy mark on it, she even has a playboy watch. She likes dutch carnaval and she goes to he carnaval parade with friends. She loves pasta’s and when you let her she will eat it for breakfast. She has been to Australia with me for four weeks to spent some time with my fiance. She hat the best time in Steve Irwins zoo, between the kangaroe’s, but she hates spiders and snakes. She likes talking on msn with all her friends. She loved our dog beau as soozie ofcourse and was very sad when she past away, her bedroom wall is filled with photo’s of beau, she hat taken them the day before beau died. Dont i have two beautiful and gorgous daughters, yes i am very lucky.

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