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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mcleods Daughters

 Drovers Run

Mcleods Daughters is an Australian TV show.

My most favorite tv show is Mcleods daughters. Its about 5 women running a large cattle farm called Drovers Run. Its a 180 km from the nearest city, and its has been in the Mcleods family for generations. Jack Mcleod inherited it from his father and lived there with his wife and daughter Claire, but than Jacks wife dies giving birth to Claires brother Adam. Jack remarries Ruth, a city girl and they get a daughter together, Tess. Claire and Tess get reallie close but the mariagge between Jack and Ruth ends and Ruth leaves to go back to the city and takes Tess with her.The show starts when Tess gets a letter from her solicitor telling her she inherited half of Drover’s Run, she leaves to go to Drovers and hopes she can sell her half of the propertie, she than finds out that Claire never left Drovers, and that running it is her life, Drovers is also in debt and Claire does not have the money to buy Tess out. Tess’s love for her sister and for Drovers is renewed and she decides to stay and run Drovers together with Claire and trie to pay of some of the debt. Meg Fountian is the house keeper and lives with her daughter Jodi on Drovers. She has been the secret lover of Jack and when he dies she thinks about leaving Drovers, but she thinks its better to raise Jodi at drovers than in the city. Jodi is an typical teenager and does not like living in the countrie, she is borred and loves city live, but when she fails her exams Meg makes her work on the farm fulltime, and slowly she starts to like living and working there. Becky Howard is a local girl and comes from a troubled family, she has a bad reputation in town and when she gets in to trouble Claire and Tess offer her to stay on Drovers, but Becky proud as she is insist to work for her board. Her living on Drovers is good for Jodi, she gets a new friend, but Meg is not happie with that, because of Becky’s reputation, after a while Becky and Meg bond, and Becky is crazy about Meg. Claire meets Peter Johnson and falls deeply in love with him, she becomes pregnant and finds out that Peter is married, she decides to have the baby but rais it herself, Alex Ryan, from Killarney and old time friend stands by her, and is with her when Charlotte her daughter is born.

Alex and Claire

Slowly they fall in love and when everything seems to go well, and they want to get married, Claire is killed in an car accident, leaving Alex a broken man. I did not want to watch the show anymore after that episode, but ones youre hooked you cannot, you have to continue watching it. Alex has a troubled relationship with his father Harry and his stephmother Sandra, and is a bit of a bad boy. Even got in fist fights with his brother Nick Ryan, but loves his brother to. After a lot of relation problems Nick Ryan and Tess finanly get married, but the problems are not over yet when Nick finds out his former girlfriend is carring his baby, and hard times break out for Tess, but they overcome there problems and are happely married. An old girlfriend of Claire, Stevie comes to spent some time at Drovers, and finanly stays to help Tess to run the farm, and when Becky wins a contest to be able to finish school and study she leaves Drovers, leaving Tess to find a new help, an old schoolfriend of Jodi apllies for the job and so Kate comes in the picture. There is so much happening in this show its to much to tell about, you should yust watch it for youre self ones i believe you will be hooked too.

Mcleods old cast 

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  1. I love McLeods Daughts so much I have made a Hudg box to fit all of the series in and it has a small draw under to but all of my scrap booking thing i have done

    Comment by Louisa — August 13, 2010 @ 8:46 am

  2. The first group of Mclouds Daughters were the best and most interesting. I have enjoyed all the rest of the shows, but the very best was the beglinning. Stevie was not bad, and the way they put Alex and Stevie togather had class. They waited a long time to have him truly love again. Thank you for a wonderful show.

    Comment by Hazel Padgett — November 15, 2010 @ 4:03 am

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