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Friday, March 23, 2007

Saltwater Crocodile

Australian Animals Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

One off them most beautiful creatures we have seen, to bat not in the wild but in Australian Zoo, is the Saltwater Crocodile. I may say to bat not in the wild now, but I do not know how I would react when I would see one right on front of me. They are very impressive, especially when you consider that these animals have been on this earth for million off years and have not changed. The saltwater crocodile is world’s largest reptile, it can grow till 7m but normal does not grow bigger than 5m. Its colour is grey or brown with whitish underside. They live in swamps or rivers, and eat fish, reptiles, mammals and birds. They stalk there prey and once they have captured it the will roll to take pieces of the prey, if the prey is small enough he will swallow it whole. They can lay up to 60 white eggs, and lay there eggs in a mound of plants and mud on the riverbank. Can you imagine that the temperature off the eggs will determine the sex off the eggs, under 30º and all new born crocodiles will be female, over 32 they will be male. From the 50 till 60 eggs only a fem will survive and be adult crocodiles. You can find them in Queensland, Northern Territory and in Western Australia, also on the coast and inland in rivers.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stil Verdriet

Theodora Post - MamaDit gedicht heb ik geschreven 23 juli 1988 na het overlijden van mij moeder, Theadora Maria Post-Cleijne, ze werd op  geboren 3 april 1922 en overleed op 23 juli 1988, en ik mis haar nog steeds.

“Still Verdriet”
Je ziet het niet dit “stille Vedriet”, maar als je zo iemand missen moet. Dan weet je niet goed hoe je dit “Stille Verdriet” verwerken moet. Al haar zorgen, vreugde, liefde en leed. Alles gold ons, al wat ze deed. Anderen denken, ‘t zal wel slijten dit “Stille Vedriet”. Je moet ze het maar niet verwijten, Ze weten het niet. Blijf aan haar denken, om haar goede zorgen en trouw. Zodat ze altijd zal weten, We houden van jouw, als moeder, oma en vrouw. Hoe kunnen we ooit vergeten deze vrouw, die voor ons zoveel betekenen wou. Dus vertel ons nou niet, dat dit “Stille Verdriet” Wat in ons alle huist met elke dag een beetje vergruist!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

President Howard in an emergency landing

President John Howard AustraliaYesterday Prime Minister John Howard’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing in war-torn Iraq when the cabin of the RAAF aircraft filled with thick smoke while he hat a top-secret visit to Baghdad. As the smoking C-130 Hercules landed at an army base 300km south-east of Baghdad, troops rushed Mr Howard from the tarmac, fearing the transport plane might explode. The Hercules filled with smoke soon after taking off from Tallil air base, carrying  military personnel and media. As it reached an altitude of 5000 feet, it turned around. The pilot made a rapid descent as passengers, wearing emergency gas masks, braced themselves for the landing. By the time the Hercules came to a shuddering halt on the tarmac two minutes later, smoke had engulfed the cabin and was billowing from the plane. Mr Howard was unhurt by the 14-minute ordeal and continued his trip to Baghdad aboard a second aircraft 20 minutes later. Passengers said later on that they where suffering headaches from the incident, which were caused by the steep descent. Mr Howard hat visit a war zone already in Afghanistan. On the tarmac, Mr Howard was seated in the cockpit with defence force chief Air Vice Marshal Angus Houston. PAN possible assistance necessary which is one step down from a mayday call. A PAN was declared and the pilot requested an immediate landing. After landing safely, Mr Howard was taken to a waiting helicopter and flown over the city to the secure diplomatic green zone. Mr Howard had never before visited the two war zones together. Mr Howard is expected to fly to Australia today. The Prime Minister visited some of the 550 Australian troops at Kamp Holland, in Afghanistan, in the Tarin Kowt region, where they are helping to rebuild schools, hospitals and mosques.

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