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Sunday, April 8, 2007


Aboriginal Children 

How the first Aboriginals came to Australia nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that about 40.000 years ago the first people came to Australia from South East Asia, low water created a connection with the mainland. For generations, these people, the Aboriginals, lived in total harmony with nature and lived as hunters. When the English arrived in 1770 colonization started which later meant that Australia would no longer be the Aboriginals’ country. The English started a penalty expedition against them and they where forced to leave there homes in order not to be killed. They where forced to live in reservations and missionary stations,  Missionaries came to Australia to try learn the Aboriginals to be Christens, but the Aboriginals hat there own believes and religion. The Aboriginals are very religious, but they do not have any priest. the oldest man in there tribe is the priest, he translets the messages he gets from there ancestors. Dreamtime is the most important thing for them, Dreamtime means everything about creating; the land, the sea and all living creatures. Dreamtime means that all Aboriginals are offspring of the ancestors that created Earth. They are very responsible in taking care of the traditions of Dreamtime, and so all boys have to be initaited, it will learn about hunting and about all the land, when the initiation is finished the boys have shown that they are responsible enough to pass on the traditions. Why the Aboriginals are so in touch with the Earth, is beacuse they believe that every living thing contains there ancestors souls; like mountains, caves, stones, and trees. The Aboriginals have corroborees, a kind of festival for the spirits or a ceremony where they sing and dance. So they pass on the stories of the creation of Earth and the Dreamtime, The dancing is often an imitation of animals and hunting movements. They also dress and paint themselves and the music is made with drums, boomerangs and sticks clapped together and by the men playing the didgeridoos. Corroborees are also sometimes held in order for their ancestors to give them rain or luck in hunting and also to celebrate a marriage or to mourn someone’s death, trough these kinds of rituals and ceremonies the Aboriginals manage to maintain the link between past, present time and future and this is something that is of great importance for the Aboriginals, they pass on their beliefs to the next generations. What also happenend when the misionaries came, children between 4 and 7 years old where stolen from there homes and put in foster homes, to make them to be like other Australians, this is also called the Stolen children. Most of the boys became farmers and earnt very little and the girls became nannies or worked in a white household, with no pay. The didgeridoo is well known, The didgeridoo is a trunk of the eucalyptus tree hollowed out by termites or white ants that eat their way through it. After the termites and ants have done their job, man has to take over. The holow wood has to be cleaned by drenching it in water for at least five days any cracks have to be filled with beeswax also the mouthpiece is made from beeswax. The didgeridoo is used in the corroborees, but the Aboriginals also say it has a healing power. Another instument of the Aboriginals is very well known, its the boomerang, it was used for hunting and they rather used a boomerang than a spear, the non-returning boomerang is more accurate. How they created a returning boomerang; the stories goes that the Aboriginals saw how birds held there wings in a V shape while there are flying in the air and so came up with the returning boomerang. Because the Aboriginals have no written language, they communicate through paintings. Aboriginal artworks always tell a story behind them that talk about the history, the land and the creation time Dreamtime. Other stories were also passed on through paintings, such as stories of hunting and animals.  the material the Aboriginals use for their paintings and also the different techniques they use. While some tribes use paper, linen and bark for their paintings, other tribes use weapons, didgeridoos, statues and poles. The symbols and patterns Aboriginal artists used and are still using are the same symbols and patterns as their ancestors used.

Aboriginals Playing Digiridoo 

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  1. I am very intrested in Aboriginals so I think this is a great post a lot of information

    Comment by soozie — April 8, 2007 @ 11:20 am

  2. Amazing! I would love to visit Aussie some day and live among such amazing people. So pure! i would love to learn more about their cultures and be one with them.

    Comment by Taddja Tawonga Nkhonjera — October 5, 2009 @ 4:05 pm

  3. Al honderden boeken gelezen en enige tijd geleden had mijn dochter “Kinderen van het Echte Volk” van Marlo Morgan voor mij meegebracht. Afgelopen week dan eens beginnen aan het verhaal…en het niet meer weg kunnen leggen! Verwondering over de leefwijze van de Aboriginals waar ik nog maar zo weinig over weet. Verbijstering over de gruwelijke handelswijze waarop men dit volk heeft behandeld. Het bovenstaande artikel is een mooie aanvulling in mijn zoektocht om meer van Het Echte Volk te weten te komen.

    Comment by Gerda Vissers — August 15, 2010 @ 12:15 am

  4. Hello,
    It’s great information!
    But I also have a question.

    A friend and I have to make a big project for school about the bodypainting of the aboriginals.

    Our question is;
    Do you have more information about the bodypainting, for example; by whitch ritual or what techniques they use?
    every information is welcome.

    Sanne Tiggeloven
    Marianum, Groenlo
    The Netherlands

    Comment by Sanne — November 11, 2010 @ 8:07 pm

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