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Monday, April 9, 2007

Liberation Day May 5th 1945

Nederlandse vlag

Liberation Day May 5th 1945

We the Dutch people thank our freedom to the American, Canadian, English, Australian and even Polish soldiers. Who came all the way over here to help us to be a free country again. Many of them lost there lives for us and we have to thank them for that. At the beginning of the war nobody thought that Nazi Germany could be defeated, but in september of 1944 it was realliy happening, the invasion hat begun. The 15th of september 1944 Maastricht was the first city to be liberated, but for the rest of Holland it would take another 7 months before they could call them selfs free of the German occupation. They went to a bad winter, we call it “Hongerwinter” with no food, no medicins, people where so hungry that they started to eat tulip bolls. Even after liberation it was hard for the people to get something to eat. On the 5th of may the rest of Holland was liberated, and Jewish family’s who’s relatives hat been taken away to German concentrationcamps would find out they would never see their loved ones again. 62 Years afterwards we still thank those soldiers who where brave enough to go to war and risk there lives to give us back our freedom. On May 4 the Dutch remember the people who have fought for and died during World War II, and wars in general. There is a remembrance gathering in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam and at the National Monument on the Dam Square in Amsterdam .Throughout the country two minutes of silence are held at 8 p.m.. On May 5 the liberation is celebrated and festivals are held in most places and Dutch flaggs are to be seen everywhere. So once more for all the soldiers that fought for our freedom, THANKS…..

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  1. I think it is very important to honour those who gave their life’s for Us

    Comment by soozie — April 13, 2007 @ 11:02 am

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