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Saturday, April 28, 2007




Meet my doggie Gina, she is nearly 17 years old, its a boomer. She sometimes gives us a skare like last thursday when she hat an epileptic attack, we where very afraid for her, and tought because of her adge that she might die. Its not the first attack she hat, her last one was about ten years ago. We ofcause took her to the vet, and she assured us that she was still very healty, and hat a very strong heart. Yes she is old, but still very happy, she is almost blind but finds her way in the house perfectly, she pretents that she cannot hear but when you open the cookies box she suddenly can hear again. She is a funnie dog, but she misses her pal Beau very much and she adged a lot since¬†Beau died, they where true friends and could play together so much it was very enjoying to watch. When we brought Beau home as a puppy, Gina straight away fell in love with her, and Beau liked to play with Gina’s left ear as a reslut of that after a while her left ear hat lesser hair on it and looked like it was smaller than the right one. When Beau was that small she could walk underneath Gina, as she grew up that changed and Gina could walk underneat Beau.They both loved our long walks in the woods and run for the stick we would trow for them, we are very happy that she is still with us, the house is already empty without Beau and i know the time will come, sooner than later, that she has to leave to and i hate the tought of having no more dogs arround, but for now we just enjoy every minute we still have with her.

Gina and Beau

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