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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bindi joins anti-fur campaign

Bindi Irwin Australia Zoo

As young as she is, eight year old Bindi has joined the anti-fur campaign, she instructed the Australia Zoo shop to take a cupholder coverd in fake fur of the shells. She went to her mam Terry Irwin and showed her the cupholder, and said to her mam that they where giving the wrong impression, even if the fur is fake they might give out the message that fur is ok, and its not ok. And that she tought that her late father Steve Irwin would not like it. Bindi set up her own meeting with the the director of merchandising and now the cupholders are of the shelves. Bindi is coping very well with her fathers death, groing up in a Zoo she seen lots of animals been born in the Wildlife hospital and some do not make it. Bindi saw that and learnd that life is one part of what its al about and than you die and start a new part. Bindi Irwin pledged to continue the wildlife work of her father and for sure she will, we will hear much more about her in the coming years.

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