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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Australia Wildlife Hospital at Beerwah Queensland

Australian Wildlife Hospital

Located near Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland, the Australian Wildlife Hospital was opened in march 2004, it was set up in an old converted advocado packing shed, the dream of Steve Irwins mum, Lyn Irwin, who was a pioneer in wildlife care, came through. It was her biggest dream to open a Wildlife hospital. But its sad to say that it was not realised until after Lyns dead. Her dream provides now a lifeline for natures innocent victims, so her work and dedication lives on. The Australian Wildlife hospital and Rescue Unit collects sick, injured and orphaned koalas and other native wildlive, and provides care and rehabilitation before releasing them back in the wild. There is a veterinary facility with even an intensive care room and laboratory. there are also separate holding facilities for male and females, and for diseased and non diseased koalas. They have also an orphan enclosure designed specifically so allow hand raised koalas to develop climbing skills and for less contact with human cares before they will be released back into the bush. The Australian Wildlife hospital and Rescue unit has full time veterinarians, a Hospital manager Gail gipp, vet nurses and volunteers to provide first class care for sick and injured animals. They also undertake research into koala diseases, migration patterns and wildlife health managment. They get nealry 100 emergency calls every day, and up to 30 different species are admitted every day, at the moment over 50 koalas are undergoing treatment, about 70% of the patients are there because of car accidents or domisitc pet attacks. The cost to treat one animal ranges from $100 to a thousand dollars. The hospital is also a teaching centre, taking veterinary students from the University of Queensland and overseas.

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