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Sunday, July 8, 2007



Larry Mullen put an advertisement on the school bord of the Mount Temple school in october 1967, he wanted to start a band, named Feedback. Paul David Hewson, later known as Bono, reacted on the advertisement, saying he could play guitar and sing, which he both could not. David Howell Evans, later known as The Edge, responded, and they asked Adam Clayton to join too. Larry Mullen on drums, Bono, singer and guitar, Adam Clayton, bas and sometimes guitar, The Edge, guitar, piano,sing and sometimes bas. U2 is a Irish rock band and is still in the formation they started out in. The band is Political active and supports many charities. Feedback hat 5 members, Dik Evans played guitar, brother of The Edge. In 1978 they changed the name of the band in The Hype, arround this time Dik Evans left the band. Almost at the same time the change the name again in U2, after the spionage plane that was brought down over Russia with Gary Powers on board. In the first years of the band religion has a strong influance on there songs, what you can hear in “I will Follow”, “Gloria” and “With a Shout”. In 1983 they release the album “War”. New Year’s day and Sunday Bloody Sunday become a hit, Sunday Bloody Sunday tells about Sunday 30st of januari 1972 when 13 people died under demonstrators and the British Army in County Londonderry, North Ireland. After the album The “Unforgettable Fire” in 1984 the album “The Joshua Tree” was released in 1987. It came number 1 in the UK as in the US. In 1988 the album Rattle and Hum came out also the name for the documentary about the band. Rattle and Hum is a tribute to American music. B.B. King worked on this album. The interested for the band was so high that the band members withdrew themselves and went to Berlin. The result was “Achtung Baby” released in 1991 was very experimental. The band was searching for a new style, The Zoo Tour and and the album “Zooropa” released in 1993, where a parody on the amusement industry. This theme was continued with the release of “Pop”in 1997 and the “Pop mart tour”. In 2000 “The Elevation tour” followed after releasing of “All that you Can’t Leave Behind”. this album was old-fashion succesfull and sold over 12 miljon times, it brought them 2 number 1 hits, “Beautiful day”and “Elevation”. After “Elevation”it became quite around the band. Bono was active with his new organisation DATA that amoung others strives of reduction of the debt burden in Africa. In 2004 the next album was released, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” singles of this album where “Vertigo” and “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”, Bono wrote this during the time his father was dying of cancer, he sung this song at his fathers funeral. On the 14th of march 2005 U2 was admitted in the Hall of Fame. Together with Green Day they release “The Saints are coming” the turnovers of this single go to the foundation Music Rising from The Edge, its for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans. In 2007 they release the single “Windows in the Skies” Both singles come from the album U218, the last single they release under the Island-label, they switch to Mercury in 2006.


1980 Boy, 1981 October, 1983 War, 1983 Under a Blood Red Sky, 1985 Wide Awake in America, 1987 The Joshua Tree 1, 1988 Rattle and Hum, 1991 Achtung Baby, 1995 Original Soundtracks No. 1 Passengers, 1997 Pop, 1998 The Best Of 1980 - 1990, 2000 All That You Can’t Leave Behind, 2002 The Best Of 1990 - 2000, 2004 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, 2006 U218 Singles

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