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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bindi hosts TV special about dad

Bindi IrwinCrocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi will commemorate the anniversary of her father’s death by hosting a one-hour program on the Nine Network. Bindi, nine, will host My Daddy The Crocodile Hunter on September 1, airing unseen home videos and talking about her unique childhood with the world famous showman and wildlife campaigner. Since her father’s death, Bindi has become a star in her own right with a hit live tour, TV show and DVD release. The TV special will be her prime-time TV debut and will include her working with her father on his last research trip before he was fatally speared by a stingray at Batt Reef, in far north Queensland. On September 3, the eve of the anniversary of Irwin’s death, Nine will also air the program Secrets of the Crocodile. This hour-long program hosted and narrated by Irwin’s widow Terri, will feature Irwin on his final adventure involving crocodiles through northern Australia’s Cape York Peninsula. For this program, after tracking the movements of crocodiles from space using satellite transmitters, Irwin attached cameras to crocodiles to better understand their behavior underwater. Despite the high profile TV appearances, Terri, Bindi and her three-year-old brother Robert will be on a camping trip for the anniversary. Their Sunshine Coast wildlife sanctuary Australia Zoo, founded by Irwin, will be open but a spokeswoman for the family said efforts would be made to keep the day a “low-key” affair.

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Monday, August 6, 2007



Smoothies are more than youre the average juice. You make them from natural en fresh ingredients, the whole fruit is in it so you keep all anti-oxidanten in the smoothie. You can keep it very healty and use naturel tastmakers like ahornsirup or honey. But you can make them extra tastefull with crème and likor. To make youre self you need a blender and yust use any type of fruit you like and yust combine. You need around 250 gram of fruit to make a smoothie, peel, cut and remove pips. Use soft fruits like banana, mango, strawberry, peach or papaja. Banana is a favorit because it thinkins the mix of the fruits. You can use milk or yoghurt with it, mix it untill a smooth and sparkling. To make a smoothie with ice you can use icecubbs with youre 250 grams of fruit and 1 dl juice. And mix it in the blender. You have to pulverise the icecubs first and you can do so by putting the in a towel and hit them with a hamer. 

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Krezip at Parkfeesten in Venlo

Parkfeesten 2007


It’s always a big happening, and always a surprise which bands will perform, and it’s so cool that all this happens in the town you live in. This year we where so lucky, KREZIP was there on Friday. They started their show at 8 o’clock and man where they good. I went with my daughter Soozie, I picked her up from her work at 6 o’clock. You have to be in on time otherwise you have to stand all the way in the back, and if it’s to bussie, you cannot get in. But we first hat something to eat, and than went to the park. The festival is always for free, and it goes for four days. All kinds of entertainment you can watch these 4 days. Krezip started out as a high school band and after ten years they are still together and just released their new album “Plug it in”. My daughter Soozie hat the time of her life, and we where both very happy that we went. They played songs from their new album and songs from previous albums. And to make Soozie even more happier than she already was they played “I would Stay”.

Albums they released:

Run Around - 1999

Nothing Less - 2000

Days like this - 2002

What are you waiting for - 2005

Plug it in - 2007

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