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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jinx, a Groenendaeler

Jinx_a_Groenendaeler Jinx_a_Groenendaeler

Jinx is my sisters dog, he is a Groenendaeler, he is 11 years old, born on 25th of june 1996, its a Belgium Sheperd. He is a great dog, he likes to be cuddled, and he has very good manours. He knows that he has to eat his biscuit on his blanket. Me and my daughter where doggie sitting him last weekend, because my sister and her husband went away for the weekend. Its always a bit strange to take somebodies elses dog out for a walk, because you donot know wich other dogs he likes and which ones he does not. But we hat no problems with him. He was a bit angry with my sister when she came back, because i think she left him for a few days, and he has never been with somebodie else for his whole life. It was so nice to be able to take a dog for a long walk again, since my two dogs, Beau and Gina died, Beau last year march and Gina last august. Gina was 17 so long walks where not on her list anymore. Jinx is like my two dogs, and i like him very, very much, he is my mate. He yust loves potatoes, and if he gets the change he will eat even the skin.And i think i am his mate too, if you look at the photo, he would ly in front of me with his face on my feet. I hope my sister will ask us again when she needs somebodie to watch him.

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