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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mcleods season 6

 Mcleods_season 6

Alex is missing but soon returns with his new fiancée, Fiona and unknowingly breaks Stevie’s heart. Tess learns that Nick’s remains have been found. Jodi finally reveals to Tess that they are sisters, but things don’t go as she had hoped. Alex and Fiona’s engagement is publicly announced, thanks to a meddling Harry. A jealous Stevie looks into Fiona’s past. Tess asks Jodi to move into the main house. Heartbroken Stevie has a one-night stand that she may soon regret. Jodi learns Rob’s secret and they are brought closer together. Moira moves into Drovers Run. With their biological meat status lost, and no prospects for new buyers, the women of Drovers struggle to keep the bank from taking the farm. In an effort to help, Stevie gambles away Drover money. Sandra takes advantage of the weakness at Drover’s Run by messing up Tess’s deal with a buyer. After a pregnancy scare, Tess offers Jodi half her share of Drovers. Jodi fights for the respect of the local farmers. Harry begins receiving death threats. After many confusing dreams and visions, Tess begins to suspect Nick is really alive. Kate thinks she may have skin cancer. Moira questions her psychic abilities. Nick returns home, but he is troubled by flash-backs of Argentina and his mugging. Kate goes to see a cancer specialist. Tess learns that Nick wants to return to Argentina, but must decide if she’s really ready to leave Drovers. A brumby stallion lures Phoenix back to the wild. Jodi discovers that a journalist seeking a story on Nick is actually after Rob. Jodi risks her own life in an attempt to save Rob from hitman that is hunting him. Dave’s brother, Patrick, returns with a truckload of goats. Meg proposes to Terry. When Patrick is blinded in an accident, he must rely on Kate for help. Jodi arranges a surprise wedding for Meg & Terry. Stevie and Fiona take on a horse dealer and learn respect for each other. Regan returns to Drovers with a devastating secret. Through an accident, Fiona discovers she is infertile and decides to NOT tell Alex. Now that  everyone knows about Meg & Jack McLeod’s affair, and who Jodi’s biological father is, Stevie forces Jodi to step up to the responsibilities of running Drovers as a part owner. Alex asks Stevie to be his best man, but Stevie ends up as Fiona’s bridesmaid. Kate and Moira find common ground when they partner up for a radio trivia quiz and Harry receives more death threats. Jodi believes she has killed Harry Ryan in a car accident and is facing manslaughter charges. A Japanese trade delegation visits Drovers to make a lucrative export deal with ‘Gungellan Fresh’. Stevie helps a Japanese delegate’s Australian wife reconcile with her husband and her new life in Tokyo. Alex learns the real story of Harry’s life. Feeling responsible for his death, Stevie guiltily admits to Alex that she argued with Harry the morning he died. Alex reconciles with his father’s ghost and is able to give a heartfelt eulogy. Kate and Regan learn new respect for each other when a lead poisoning mystery forces them to work together. Jodi’s ‘father’, Kevin Fountain, returns wanting to get his daughter back and Jodi is devastated to learn he is using her for her inheritance money. The girls race against the clock to shear 500 sheep before morning in order to make an important Gungellan Fresh sale. Fiona’s mother Trudie arrives at Killarney, determined to see the wedding through. Jealous of Stevie and desperate not to lose Alex, Fiona tells him she’s pregnant. Stevie discovers Fiona is lying about being pregnant. Racing to stop the wedding, Stevie is too late — Fiona has fast-tracked the ceremony before Stevie can tell Alex. Dave admits he cannot dance and begs Regan for help. In exchange, Dave sets out to change Regan’s views on marriage and the two end up rekindling their romance. When brumbies are found shot dead, the Drovers girls suspect Riley, a handsome stranger. Sandra moves back into Killarney, convinced she is carrying out Harry’s legacy. Moira and Regan go into a fuel carting business together. Kate decides to find her inner daredevil  to impress Patrick. Stevie and Riley clash over horse training techniques when the pressure is on to have a horse ready for sale in a day. Regan buys a quad bike as a horse substitute, but an accident makes her realise that she must learn to ride to become a true Drover’s girl. Sandra and Fiona create a stalemate of power at Killarney when it’s revealed they each have damaging information on the other. Moira’s husband, Hugh, returns to Gungellan, wanting her back. Regan saves the day when she discovers that a paratyphoid outbreak on Drovers is the result of Sandra’s dirty work. Jodi realises that family ties are more important than winning the inaugural Gungellan Fresh Cross Country Challenge. Post race, news comes that Tess & Nick’s baby daughter has been born…Claire Ruth Ryan. When evidence mounts against Stevie, Kate starts to believe that she could be guilty of Harry Ryan’s murder. Riley reacts badly when a local trainer is revealed to be abusing his horses. Kate and Patrick’s night of passion is  interrupted when Kate is distracted by the evidence against Stevie. Kate learns a valuable lesson about trusting her heart when she realises she was wrong to go to the police about Stevie. When Alex returns to Killarney, Fiona gains the upper hand over Sandra by faking a miscarriage (!) and confessing that she may be infertile. When the mood of the town turns against Stevie, Jodi pulls Drovers Run out of the Gungellan Fresh Cooperative. When Leo returns to the district, Stevie loses control when trying to prove he murdered Harry Ryan. Alex discovers Fiona lied about the pregnancy. Sandra loses the war when Fiona’s honesty leads Alex to kick Sandra out of Killarney for good. Moira’s decision to take a shortcut leads to a dangerous petrol spill on Drovers Run. With his marriage on shaky ground, Alex’s world is turned upside down when he and Stevie nearly kiss!!! Tensions rise between the Drovers’ girls when Jodi is forced to make a farm decision based on the possibility that Stevie will go to jail. As Stevie   ties up loose ends on her last day at Drovers Run before trial, she’s saved at the final hour by a Ryan’s desperate confession. Eager to integrate herself into the community to save her marriage, Fiona joins the CFS. Alex is at loggerheads with Riley when gates are mysteriously left open all over Killarney. Stevie is excited about her daughter Rose coming to stay and sees it as an opportunity to rebuild their relationship, but Rose sees it differently. Also on Stevie’s mind is the kiss she and Alex shared. It’s Gungellan’s 150th anniversary and the town is celebrating, but Jodi comes to blows with the organiser and discovers that history is repeating itself. Unaware of Leo and Stevie’s history, Rose secretly starts seeing Leo. Riley, Alex, Jodi and Kate take cattle along the stock route overnight. A series of pranks ends with an outburst from Riley that shocks them all. When Patrick discovers a ring box in Dave’s car, Jodi and Kate warn Regan to prepare for a proposal. Rose and Stevie enthusiastically prepare for dinner with Rose’s “mystery man”, but are horrified when Rose’s date turns out to be Leo. Kate wants to apply for the Young Farmer of the Year Award, but is crushed when she discovers Jodi has entered, because Kate has never beaten Jodi at anything. Jodi has introduced Boer goats onto Drovers and wants to associate them with Gungellan Fresh, but Phil Rakich is against it and bad mouths them. Riley overhears and gets his revenge, but when it backfires Rakich threatens to sue…Jodi is furious. Dave and Regan make some decisions about their relationship, but is it really what they both want. When Alex returns from the city, Stevie fears he’s changed his mind about leaving Fiona for her. Meanwhile, Patrick and Jodi battle it out over who knows Kate the best, while the Boer goats behave strangely by refusing to drink. In the midst of the storm, Jodi wakes from a devastating nightmare about Rob and fleeing from the hitman. Fiona is free to leave the hospital and the newly-separated couple endure a tense return to Killarney. Riley tells Jodi that he needs help searching for a brumby that escaped during the storm. Stevie learns that Alex missed their rendezvous only due to circumstance and she believes there may still be hope for their love. Dave gets offered a research job in Africa for two years and although he’s tempted, he convinces himself, and everyone else, that he’s not interested. Kate’s relationship with Patrick is not travelling well. Stevie is now determined that if Alex wants a war, that’s what he’s going to get. Moira, newly divorced, finds herself the object of Phil Rakich’s affection. Kate is rattled. Dave’s imminent move to Africa has awoken old feelings and whenever she sees him now she lapses into daydreams of Dave declaring his love for her. Over at Killarney, Fiona turns up claiming half the furniture and sets the tone of the conflict by chainsawing the dining room table in half. Riley wants to join the CFS, but Jodi takes this as a clumsy ploy to get near her.

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