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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bob Irwin leaves Australia Zoo


All is not well in Croc Man Steve Irwin’s menagerie. Irwin’s father, Bob, has reportedly quit his job at Australia Zoo after dedicating more than 36 years of his working life to his son’s legacy. In a move that most construe as a direct snub to daughter-in-law Terri, Bob has now vowed to keep his son’s dream alive “elsewhere”. News of his resignation broke yesterday after a letter on his behalf was reportedly sent to Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun. In Bob’s 300 word letter he thanks zoo staff, Animal Hospital workers, Wildlife Warriors and “all of Steve’s friends out there” - but pointedly neglects to mention Steve’s widow Teri who has a great degree of control over the Zoo and is the mother of Bob’s grandchildren Bindi and Bob. Bob’s departure does little to quell rumours of an escalating rift in the Irwin family over disagreements on treatment of staff and the commercial direction of the world-famous Australian Zoo. Disgruntled employees were up in arms over the fact that Bob had apparently been banned from the Zoo after an alleged argument with Terri. Apparently he will continue “Steve’s dream” at a new property that Steve’s father has bought near Kingaroy, 209km northwest of Brisbane. Bob and his partner Judy will continue with Steve’s dream, with the passion and commitment he would expect. Meanwhile, Terri and the Zoo could be facing a tax investigation in the wake of multi-million dollar civil lawsuits against them.

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  1. To Bob Irwin, You must keep going with Steves dream. I am currently working towards a degree with crocodilians and I am involved in local organizations like roving reptiles and the zoo here in oklahoma. All the strength toward Bob and his grandchildren to continue Steve Irwins amazing life.

    Comment by Adam Kirk — April 9, 2008 @ 5:10 am

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