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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stevie (Stephanie) Hall

 Stevie Hall_Mcleods_daughters

Stevie, the action boss who needs help with fiddly things like paperwork and accounts, took the reins at Drovers Run when Tess first left for Argentina. During that time, Stevie finally revealed her real connection to daughter Rose and, after many close calls, finally realised she loves Alex. Stevie is athletic, physically strong and (outwardly at least), emotionally independent. The rodeo circuit in particular suited her love of change and movement, action and excitement. Morally, she does what she feels is fair and right. She has crossed the line at times but never maliciously. She’ll take the advantage (as much for herself as a friend in need) and ignore the law if it seems inflexible or unreasonable. She’s the sort who never knocks back a dare, loves a party, and lives for the moment. She isn’t held back by the constraints of common sense or thinking through the consequences of things. As a result she frequently finds herself in trouble, but has the audacity and quick wit to extricate herself more often¬† than not. Stevie’s world was turned upside down when Alex became engaged to Fiona. Her rebound relationship with a crop-dusting pilot led to him spraying Drovers Run, destroying its organic status. When Tess, reunited with Nick, decided to move back to Argentina, Stevie was forced to share the farm management duties with new part-owner Jodi. As Alex’s marriage to Fiona crumbled, it seemed likely that Stevie and Alex would finally be together. But a series of misunderstandings drove them apart. Will they ever overcome their differences and become a couple? Or will stubborn pride keep them apart forever?

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