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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bindi Irwin’s birthdaycake

Bindi Irwin_10th birthday

Bindi’s birthday was on the 24th of july, and on her birthday cake was an image of her father Steve and her mother and baby brother. what i cannot understand is that so many people have a problem with that. Why, WHY, should she have to forget her father, WHY, is it not alowed to think of her father on a day like this. She loved her dad, she misses him, but still she is laughing, she looks happy, and i yust want to say to all the people that make stupid remarks about her, GET A LIFE, and leave the kid alone. I think Terri is doing a great job, and that both of the kids look very happy. Sure you have to live on, but I donot see nowhere that they are not doing that. And what kind of person are you to say about a bright, sparkling little girl that she is ugly, I wonder if this person is an adult, this person should be ashamed of him/her self. Check out these comments on

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