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Friday, February 13, 2009

Sam, the rescued koala


The situation in Victoria Australia is too cry for. So many people have lost their loved onces, their homes, so many animals have died, or are wounded. The once responsible for these fires should be put away for live. The stories you see on tevee are so heartbreaking, and you feel so helpless. What can we do to help ????? See the photo’s of koala Sam, who was rescued by fireman David Tree, its so sad. Its  good to hear that she is doing well and found a friend, boyfriend, Bob, he is like Sam burned at feet and hands and he is taking care of her. David has visited his new friend on wednesday, and he was emotional when he saw her, its so good to see that she is doing well he said. 180 People have lost their lives, (till now)  my mind cannot understand how some one can do this. 10000 animals have died, not only wildlife but also sheep, cattle, dogs. And still the fires are burning……………. How can you destroy such a beautiful place, with some many people and so many animals ?????? People who have lost everything, can relay on neighbours and strangers, who will take them in their houses and help where they can. The whole nation has donated money,  $ 54 million already , at least thats some releave for the once that have lost everything.

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