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Friday, April 3, 2009

Mcleods Daughters, “What are they doing now”


Rachael Carpani is in Amerika at the moment, to trie and get some auditions. She just finished the thriller “Triangle”, a movie about passengers on a ship who will get involved in mysterious cases( Think Bermuda Triangle )

Zoë Naylor hosts the show “Gladiators”a sport challenge show, women against men.

Myles Pollard is performing in a Australian Theater in a play called “The Glass Menagerie”.He just finished with a tv serie called “Double Trouble” A Serie about twins who are seperated by birth and years after meet and change places. He also played in Home and Away for a few episodes. He is also to be seen in the movie “Wolverine”wich has just been finished and will be in the cinemas in 2009.
Sonia Todd played in “All Saints” a few episodes as Dr Elisabeth Foy.

Simmone Jade Mackinnon played one episode in the serie “The Cut”. At the moment she is hosting a new show. She surprises People who have done something special with their lives. She hopes that the show will continue, the first show can be seen in 2009.

John Jarret just finishes de movie “Australia”with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackmann. It tells a storie in the second worl war, about Lady Sarah Ashley. At the moment he is working at a movie called “Crossing the Line”togheter with Brett Tucker and Birdie Carter.

Michala Banas is hosting a radio show en tours through Australia and New Zeeland. In januari she will leave for Bali for a month to help needed children.She will also be seen in a musical “Avenue Q”.

Aaron Jeffrey works on a serie called “the Strip”13 episodes, its about crime investigation. He is also playing in the “Wolverine”with Myles Pollard.

Birdie Carter is still working at postorder compagny Ezibuy, where she writes her own collums. She is also working on the movie “crossing the Line”with Brett Tucker and John Jarrat.

Lisa Chappel works on the thriller “Coffin Rock”where she plays Jess, a married woman who has been trying to get pregnant. Drunk, she sleeps with “Evan”and gets pregnant. Evan turns out to be a psychopat and a stalker.

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