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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dogs in the House


We have besides Lady two more puppies, Noelle she is a mix Shihitzu x Sharpei, and Kira a German Sheppard mix. Noelle is now 6 months and we got her from a Dog kennel in Roermond, named the Kingsmill. She was so skinnie that we could not say no to her. We tought if we left her there, she would not survive. We took her to the vet the next day we got her, and the vet was shocked. Way to skinny and full off parasites. It took us at least 2 months to get the parasites out off her. She is a very happy chappi, she is so greatfull, like she nows, we saved her life. Now she is almost 6 months and she has a skin disease, she got from her mother during birth. Its something the mother has too. She needs a chemical bath, every 6 days, for a month, it reallie stinks and it makes her feel sick, we are glad that the others dogs cannot get it. I am sorry i just dont now the english name for it. I just want to say how is it possible for a Doggie kennel sell sick dogs ?? Well than there is Kira, we bought her in Sittard from a normal family and she is a little raskel. But o so sweet. Lady left the house with my oldest daughter she moved out because she got an apartement for herself. Thats what kids do when they grow up. Lady spents daytime with us when my daughter is working. So Noelle and Kira are good friends, but the always love it when Lady comes home. Lady is their role model. We are all so very happy to have dogs in the house again, It tells us how much we missed Beau and Gina, that will never stop i quess, but the pain off their loss heals now.


Are they not the cutest puppies you have ever seen. Kira cries when i get home from work and she cries when i leave in the morning. Its so funnie to have 3 pups running arround you to say hello to you when you come home.  I always want to have dogs in my life, yes its hard when they die and you have to say goodbey, but they give you so much love for the time you have them,  i never want to miss that again.

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