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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taylers mum returns

Tayler and Patrick

As Grace, Tayler and Dan mark out a field for the next day’s charity soccer match, Stevie drives up and announces the government’s plans to dam the Ramsay River. It will rob Drovers of most of its water supply. Grace heads into the study to ring affected landholders and almost walks in on a desperate phone call Jaz is having with a friend in Italy, talking about a court hearing affecting her showjumping career. Jaz goes with Grace to Selkirk’s to arrange a meeting and there she meets Frank, whose opinion about the dam is shot down by Jim. Farmers from East Nanjemup (who have the most to gain from the dam), including big-wig Terri Barker, attend the meeting, where the charity soccer match is turned into a protest rally. But Terri reckons the dam’s good for the east. She takes some convincing to see how bad it will be for the rest of the district. Softening, she and the others consider attending the protest match. Grace volunteers Olympic-hopeful Jaz to be the face of the anti-dam campaign. Jaz tries to get out of it, but is forced into a corner. Terri later questions Jaz as to why she’s not training in Europe, and Jaz covers — her horse is injured. But the next day, Terri visits Jaz and tries to blackmail her into supporting the dam and making Drover’s accept the government’s compensation — she’s made some inquiries and knows about a scandal rocking Jaz’s career.
Tayler’s and Patrick’s happy domesticity is disrupted when Tayler’s mother, Jane, returns. Jane wants to set the record straight with her daughter, but Tayler is wary, owing to Jane’s previous appearance around her 18th birthday. Now, Jane wants to be up front with Tayler, to explain why she left, and why she stayed away for 16 years without so much as a word. Frank’s daughter, Lily, is distressed by the constant upheavals in her life. She wants a settled home, but she’s pretty sure she can only get this by leaving her beloved father to live with her mother. She turns to Tayler for help, but Tayler, too blinded by the anger she feels towards her own mother, advises Lily to forget it. Better one parent who truly loves you, than to go chasing after the one who abandoned you. Meanwhile, Xander has not smiled yet, and it’s worrying Stevie immensely. When Xander does smile, first, for Moira, and then for everyone in the house except Stevie, the Drovers women decide to keep it a secret. Grace, Jaz, Marcus and Frank head off to the city to confront the Minister responsible for a dam proposal that will take away their ground water. Marcus manages to get in to see Ayres and arranges a meeting for later that day. But instead of the face to face they’d imagined, Ayres leads them directly into a press conference. Meanwhile, Phil gives Moira a gift, the script of his musical — “The Girl from Gungellan”. Moira reads it and is impressed. But when Phil tells her the main character is based on her, she is overwhelmed. It’s Stevie and Alex’s first wedding anniversary but Stevie wants to forget about it. Moira dresses Xander in pink to help Stevie with her grieving. Stevie leads the others in a toast to Alex. Jaz is taken aback when Lily reveals her dad Frank is talking about proposing to her. Jaz thought she’d put the kiss with Frank to bed — it happened in the heat of the moment, but now knows she was wrong. Meanwhile, Frank’s hopes for a stable family life take a pounding when he learns that his ex-wife has a new job in Queensland and intends to take Lily with her.

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