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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stevie worries

 Stevie Hall_Mcleods_daughters

Jaz is taken back when Lily reveals her dad Frank is talking about proposing to her. Jaz thought she’d put the kiss with Frank to bed — it happened in the heat of the moment, but now knows she was wrong. Meanwhile, Frank’s hopes for a stable family life take a pounding when he learns that his ex-wife has a new job in Queensland and intends to take Lily with her.Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Monique is playing on his mind. He tries to contact her with no luck, and resigns himself to another day in the district without her. Meanwhile, Marcus has been looking for a new overseer for weeks. Clashing constantly with Ben, neither of them can accept that Ben is right for the job. Marcus isn’t offering and Ben wouldn’t take it — or so they say. With the district yard dog trials approaching, Ben is unexpectedly befriended by a border collie dog. Marcus, however, is unaware of this, and unwittingly denies any knowledge about the dog to its irate owner, the burly, heavily tattooed Trevor. When Marcus finds out, he insists they  take the highly trained dog back. But when Ben steals the dog back, believing it’s being abused, Marcus is furious — Ben has got them into even more trouble. After finding Annie, her showjumping horse from Europe, grazing in the windmill paddock, Jaz is surprised to discover she has been personally delivered by Misha, her friend from Europe who happens to be a wealthy prince. The others are stunned to discover he is also Jaz’s ex-boyfriend, and they went out for two years. Jaz is thrilled to see her beloved horse, and riding Annie again reminds her of exactly what she is missing with her career, but she has no evidence to prove her innocence before the hearing in Europe. Tayler invites her new study-buddy, Wolfgang, to the ball. But later Wolfgang lures Tayler up to the homestead, and his intentions are not at all honourable. This time Tayler decks him, just as Patrick is coming to the rescue again. Patrick can’t win though — Tayler can look after herself, and Patrick needs to back off. When Ted Franklin, the boss of Fisher Meats, pulls out of a lucrative deal with Drovers, Stevie is shocked to discover it is because Ted believes she is having a relationship with Marcus. Via Beth Martin, Stevie discovers the rumour has spread all over Gungellan because of a photo of them dancing at the ball which has appeared in the local paper. Stevie is furious, especially when Marcus makes matters worse when he ends up in a fight with Ned Ford after Ned comments on the rumour. Stevie is angry and upset that everything seems to be out of control — it brings back painful memories of the impact that small town gossip had on her when she was pregnant with Rose. She and Marcus fight over how to handle things — she wants them to spend less time together, while he wants to carry on as before.

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