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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mcleods Daughters, the last episodes

mcleods daughters, final episodes 

Jaz faces a dilemma when she attempts to retrain her show-jumping horse, Annie, to work on the property. Does Annie really belong here? And can Jaz choose between Annie and her new life on Drovers Run? Grace and Stevie are surprised when Jaz rides up on Annie to help move some cattle. Annie’s a show-jumper — it’s not as if he can suddenly transform herself into a working horse. But Jaz is confident she can retrain Annie. She’s been working on her aversion to hay bails and demonstrates that she can keep her under control. Grace and Stevie agree to give Annie a go, but as soon as they start moving the cattle Annie gets spooked and drives two cows into a steep ditch, seriously injuring them. Stevie has to point out to Jaz they Annie is a liability to Drovers and that she needs to use the brumby they have trained for stock work. They can’t afford to lose any more stuff ups.A devastated Jaz takes exiled Annie to the back paddock to retire her but it’s too much for Jaz, she can’t leave Annie out there. So she decides that she will secretly work on Annie to get to the bottom of why she is spooked. Ben helps her along the way. Ingrid is seriously rattled when she realises that her work as a vet will bring her in direct contact with Paul, her estranged husband, who is in the area investigating a cattle-stealing ring. Paul is charming and apologetic, but Ingrid doesn’t trust his motives. Meanwhile, Paul pursues Marcus on a deserted back road. Is he intent on harming him? Marcus is forced to pull over, and Paul reveals that Marcus has a punctured tyre and that he has saved him from a possible accident. Marcus doesn’t know what to think and suggests to Ingrid that Paul may have changed his spots, but Ingrid doesn’t believe it for a second. Her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers that Paul knows that she and Marcus are lovers. Fearing for Marcus’ life, Ingrid and Grace race to find him. Ingrid’s life hangs in the balance when Paul threatens to kill her unless she returns to him. A week after the Drover’s girls   thought they had banished Paul for good, Ingrid and Stevie are involved in a car accident when Ingrid’s brakes fail. A check over of the car reveals that the brake fluid has been drained, and Paul is the only suspect. He appears on the property shortly afterwards, under the guise of checking cattle records, but his real agenda is soon revealed to Ingrid. He has come to reclaim her, dead or alive. Ingrid, unable to tell Marcus about Paul for fear of how he might react, seems to make a decision to run away to save herself, her lover and her friends from Paul. Preparing to do so, she delivers a letter to Stevie (via Patrick). It is not long before her car is found by Marcus on the side of the road, smashed and covered in blood, but with no sign of Ingrid. Meanwhile Phil’s musical tribute to Moira, ‘The Girl from Gungellan’, is about to premiere. Amidst the hullabaloo of rehearsals, Moira overhears a phone message from a young woman. Convinced Phil’s having an affair, she confronts him. He reveals the message was from his son’s fiancé. Phil has been invited to the wedding but is refusing to go. Moira contacts Phil’s estranged son, Phil Junior, in the hope that reuniting him with his own family will take the pressure off her. Phil hits the roof over her interference. But later, when he’s on his own, Phil rings his son, and is overjoyed to receive a warm welcome. Phil is hugely grateful to Moira, and things seem to be back on track between them. During the opening performance of The Girl from Gungellan, Phil lets slip that he wants them to buy a property near his son. Moira is upset, and abandons the show mid-performance. As the show continues without them, Moira tells Phil that he should go on his own, and sort out what he really wants. A broken-hearted Phil leaves. In the final telemovie-length episode of McLeod’s Daughters, Drovers’ future is in doubt and the girls pull out all stops to shear through the night to try and save the farm, and their futures. It’s six months since our last episode. High summer is looming and the ongoing drought has forced drastic action. All the sheep are being mustered and shorn to sell off so the remaining stored feed can help keep the cattle going through the next months. Stevie is nursing a secret; the financial situation is even more dire than she’s told the others. The whole future of Drovers rests on this plan. Stevie’s secret is revealed halfway through the shear when, to avoid mutiny, Stevie confesses all. Drovers is in terrible financial trouble. She hasn’t been drawing herself a wage for the last six months, opting not to pay herself, in order to avoid having to sack one of the girls. was supposed to help get the cattle through the next few months is gone.

Stevie and Ingrid in the cattle yard

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