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Friday, July 24, 2009



You can go where you like,
Wherever you care,
But wherever you roam
Possum is there.
Wherever you are,
In the bush or the town,
Possum is always
Sniffing around.
Deep in the bush
In your comfortable camp,
He’ll ransack your larder
That cheeky old scamp!
And beware when asleep
Beside the campfire:
He’ll bite your big toe,
Ooo… no creature is slyer.
And in the big city
As soon as it’s dark;
Possum and friends
Will take over the park.
She will jump your back fence
With consummate ease,
And steal your vegies
With no “may I?” or “please?”
Sometimes I would like
To chasten her manner
By scratching the bark
As would a goanna,
But I haven’t the nerve,
And I think there’s no doubt
She’d only get angry
And single me out.
Yes, I’m afraid,
It’s just as I said:
Wherever you run
Old poss is ahead,
And she waits your arrival
(She’s so very shrewd)
For she thinks you’re a walking
Supermarket of food.
So stay on alert,
Be always on guard,
For possum might now
Be raiding your yard.
But listen to that…
There, you have proof…
My friend, that is poss
Thumping over your roof.
So I hope you’re convinced,
Should I need to remind you?
Wherever you go
Possum will find you.
But what can you do?
Not a thing, I suppose;
For when possum’s around…
Just stay on your toes!

By Colin Gibson

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