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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Gina 1

This page is about Gina, my doggie I had her for more than 17 years. She was born at my house on the 16th of June 1990. Her mother was my brothers dog, Boomer, and he and his family where visiting my house when his dog Boomer gave birth to 6 puppies on a Sunday morning, 2 girls and 4 boys. I choose one of the girl dogs but when they where leaving when they where 6 weeks old i looked at both of the girl dogs again and changed my mind and thats how i choose Gina.

Gina 2

She died the 7 of August this year, and like Beau i miss her very much. Its so strange not to hear her walking trough the house and not to have her warm body lying next to you at night watching tevee. After beau died she went old very quickly, she missed her so much, they where best friends.

Gina 4 Gina 5

I always hoped for her that she would die while she was sleeping but she started to have epileptic seizures at Monday evening at 7 and i had medicine for it because she hat some 3 months ago, normaly the medicine would help but this time after 4 hours she got another one, i straight away cold our vet and she told me to give her some more medicine and she would have to sleep trough the night. Me and my daughter slept in my bed with Gina in the middle, we did not dare to leave her alone, and at 3 ‘clock at night she got another one, this one was a long one and it seemed that she was not getting out of it, so i called the vet again and said i was to worried and wanted to come over.

Gina 6

Thats what we did, my other daughter and her boyfriend came over, and drove us to the vet. In the car she started crying and barking, it was horrible. The vet wanted to give her more medication, but her little body was still shaking, and i said it has been enough, i don,t want to see her like that, she does not deserve this, and we do not know what she will have left of these seizures, last time she hat trouble walking and it took at least 3 weeks before she could walk again. There comes a time when you have to make a decision, its not nice but you have to think about the dog. So we let her go to sleep, i told her to go to Beau, i knew Beau was waiting for her on the other side, it was 4.30 in the morning when she died, and you feel so empty, but i know for her its better.

Gina 7

She has been cremated and is now sharing a urn with her best friend beau, they are at last together again. She was a great dog, never did something wrong, even when she was a puppy, never broke anything or did something she was not supposed to. She loved going for long walks when she was younger and chase the stick, and loved all dogs she would meet. She also was a funny dog, she could run so fast for a little dog you would not believe. She loved Beau from the moment we brought Beau home, and Beau was so small so could walk underneath Gina. Beau loved playing with Gina’s ears, so much that one ear after a while was a little smaller that the other one. She was my baby like my kids, she just belonged to our family and she leaves a lot of emptyniss but we are all so very happy that we where allowed to have her friendship for 17 years. All i can say is rest in peace baby i miss you ……

Gina 8 Gina 9

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  1. I miss My girl so much she ment the world to me

    Comment by Soozie — August 26, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

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