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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bindi as Kirra Cooper in Free Willy 4


This is Bindi like her fans have never seen her, playing the lead role of Kirra Cooper in her first full-length movie - Free Willy 4.With her hair shorter and sporting a tan she’s looking a lot more grown up than the pig-tailed 10-year-old poppet who usually dances with her Crocmen at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. Two-and-a-half years after she captivated the world with her eulogy to her Crocodile Hunter father Steve Irwin, Bindi now looks set to captivate a whole new audience. Bindi’s acting skills have been described as formidable by the movie’s writer and director Will Geiger and they are sentiments echoed by her co-star, who is indeed veteran actor Beau Bridges. Bridges said he and his family had been huge Crocodile Hunter fans and then fans of Bindi’s Jungle Girl show. Being shot in Cape Town, the movie fast forwards from 1997’s Free Willy 3 and tells the story of a young Australian girl (Kirra) whose mother died when she was four and who is sent to live with her grandfather Gus Grisby (Bridges)  in South Africa. Gus owns a rundown beachside amusement park and when a baby Orca gets washed ashore, there is conflict over whether the little whale should be kept as an attraction or rehabilitated and sent back to his pod. Bindi is excited about the possibility of more movies. Bindi’s film Free Willy 4 is expected to be ready for release to DVD next year.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Mcleods Daughters, “What are they doing now”


Rachael Carpani is in Amerika at the moment, to trie and get some auditions. She just finished the thriller “Triangle”, a movie about passengers on a ship who will get involved in mysterious cases( Think Bermuda Triangle )

Zoë Naylor hosts the show “Gladiators”a sport challenge show, women against men.

Myles Pollard is performing in a Australian Theater in a play called “The Glass Menagerie”.He just finished with a tv serie called “Double Trouble” A Serie about twins who are seperated by birth and years after meet and change places. He also played in Home and Away for a few episodes. He is also to be seen in the movie “Wolverine”wich has just been finished and will be in the cinemas in 2009.
Sonia Todd played in “All Saints” a few episodes as Dr Elisabeth Foy.

Simmone Jade Mackinnon played one episode in the serie “The Cut”. At the moment she is hosting a new show. She surprises People who have done something special with their lives. She hopes that the show will continue, the first show can be seen in 2009.

John Jarret just finishes de movie “Australia”with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackmann. It tells a storie in the second worl war, about Lady Sarah Ashley. At the moment he is working at a movie called “Crossing the Line”togheter with Brett Tucker and Birdie Carter.

Michala Banas is hosting a radio show en tours through Australia and New Zeeland. In januari she will leave for Bali for a month to help needed children.She will also be seen in a musical “Avenue Q”.

Aaron Jeffrey works on a serie called “the Strip”13 episodes, its about crime investigation. He is also playing in the “Wolverine”with Myles Pollard.

Birdie Carter is still working at postorder compagny Ezibuy, where she writes her own collums. She is also working on the movie “crossing the Line”with Brett Tucker and John Jarrat.

Lisa Chappel works on the thriller “Coffin Rock”where she plays Jess, a married woman who has been trying to get pregnant. Drunk, she sleeps with “Evan”and gets pregnant. Evan turns out to be a psychopat and a stalker.

25 Mei 2009 vanaf 20.30 seizoen  8 NET 5

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Queen - John Deacon

 Queen_John_ Deacon

John Richard Deacon was born on Sunday, August 19, 1951 to Lillian Molly and Arthur Henry Deacon. At the young age of seven, John’s parents bought him his first guitar, a red plastic “Tommy Steele” special. Arthur always encouraged John to tinker with electronics, a hobby that Arthur himself loved. One of John’s early projects included adapting an old reel-to-reel tape recorder to record music off of the radio -usually the Beatles and Alan Freeman’s Hit Parade. As electronics grew into a passion, John thought of turning his hobby into a career. John’s interest in music also grew as he soon bought the Beatles first two albums. As a huge fan of the Fab Four, he decided he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. He soon would save enough money from his early morning paper round to buy a proper one. John diligently practiced the instrument and soon was found jamming in his friend’s garage. At the age of fourteen, John formed his first band, The Opposition. Throughout the next few years,The Opposition went through frequent member changes and played many a gig. By the end of 1966, they had earned quite a following throughout Leicester. Later that year, the Opposition’s bassist Clive Castledine left the band, leaving John to fill the gap. He bought his first bass, an EKO for £22. Because of the new lineup, the band changed their name in a daring move to The New Opposition. 1969 saw John leaving the band (now called ART) for London. Here studied electronics at Chelsea College, which is part of the University of London. He did not take part in the music scene at school, but of course brought along his old acoustic guitar just in case an opportunity came up. As he began his second year at college, John realized that he missed music and wanted to be involved in a group. He soon convinced his mother to drive his equipment to school for him. He soon found a few people to play with, yet felt awkward. 1971 soon rolled around, John while looking through the local paper, found a “musician wanted” ad. He only attended one audition, but did not get the gig. In the early months of 1971, John was introduced to Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen. They had been going through a slew of bass players and had just lost another. They asked John if he was interested in auditioning. Soon enough, he found himself arriving at a lecture hall at Imperial College where the band was rehearsing. He brought along his bass and a tiny amp that he constructed (now known as the legendary Deacy Amp). He began to learn Son & Daughter and a few other songs the band had been playing. A few days later, John Richard Deacon became the fourth and final member of Queen. Nowerdays John has retired, he does not perform with Queen anymore and he does not appear in the public. He wants his privacy.

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