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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mcleod’s season 8

 Mcleod’s season 8

Yes, finanly here it is, season 8, not all off it ofcause, but something to start with. And quess who is going to the Drovers Run, YES me…………. i am leaving for autralia on the 29th to visit my fiancy, and where gonna make a trip to Drovers Run. When i am back i hope i can show you photo’s.

1. Aftermath
It’s been five days since the Christmas Day car accident and Riley is still missing, presumed dead. Unwilling to believe it, Kate has searched for him every day since then — her search hindered by the devastation left by the five day flood. Kate is also having difficulty being civil to Grace — blaming her for the accident. Despite gentle efforts on the part of the Drovers girls, Kate refuses to give up her search, and finally tells Grace her suspicion. When the SES arrive on Drovers, represented by Phil and an unknown man called Dan, Kate berates them for not searching for Riley. When Dan tries to comfort Kate, offering a friendly ear, Kate thinks he’s hitting on her and spurns the offer. Kate’s hopes are raised when she sees a man out in the paddock. Believing it could be Riley, Kate chases him back to his home camp. The man — clearly not Riley — has disappeared but Kate finds Riley’s knife at the campsite. Convinced Riley is alive, and being helped by the man, Kate brings Stevie to the camp. However Stevie and Kate find the camp packed up — the man has gone … leaving behind Riley’s injured horse, which has been missing since the flood. Back at Drovers, Kate overhears a conversation between Grace and Ingrid. Grace tells Ingrid she remembered Ingrid was there at the river that night. Kate puts aside her animosity for Grace and the two decide to work together to find out the truth. When Phil confesses he lied about saving Grace from the river, Kate confronts Ingrid and discovers the truth — Ingrid is the true hero. However, Ingrid also confirms that she was unable to save Riley — and believes he drowned. Kate is unhappily forced to accept the truth — Riley isn’t coming back. When the roads clear, Kate volunteers to go into Gungellan for much needed supplies. But while she’s there, she stops at the local Catholic Church. Angry and upset with God, Kate begs to know why he took Riley. To her shock, she is answered by Dan — who turns out to be the new Priest. Kate is mortified by what she said to him previously, but Dan again offers her a friendly ear, hoping to solve her crisis of faith. That night, Kate buries Riley’s knife on Drovers, farewelling her friend the only way she can.

2. The Pitfalls of Love
Grace and Marcus are trapped at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft, and no one knows they’re there. Devastated by Heath’s betrayal, Grace seeks distraction and solace in the arms of the flashily handsome Tim Dolan. She spends an impromptu night with him at the Gungellan Hotel. Sleeping in the next morning means she isn’t at Drovers for the start of a new cattle project. Stevie’s not too happy about her absence, so Marcus volunteers to find her. Marcus locates Grace in the hotel with Tim. It’s an embarrassing start to the day, and Marcus and Grace are soon at loggerheads. Frustration, disappointment and unresolved sexual tension all begin to feed into their prickly relationship. Grace’s misadventures continue when an argument with Marcus almost leads to tragedy when they fall to the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. Thrown together, Grace and Marcus are forced to confront the big issues of survival, love and life. Grace develops hypothermia, and Marcus nurses her with skill and compassion. They become  emotionally closer than they ever have before, but they are both too tentative to takes things further. However, any closeness they have developed is blown apart when it is revealed that Marcus has ‘organised’ a job for Tim Dolan in another state. Certain that this is Marcus trying to control her life, Grace tells him to leave her alone. And it’s clear that she means what she says.

3. Wild Ride
Stevie’s wild-at-heart former rodeo mate, Sharon, visits Drover’s and turns everyone’s lives upside down. Marcus sacrifices his chances in a major horse endurance race to save Ingrid from an abusive rider. Kate is feeling increasingly dissatisfied with her life, and throws herself into her new role as overseer. But is this enough for her? Stevie is angered to discover that ante-natal classes have been cancelled and organises for the pregnant women to meet at Drovers instead. She’s determined to do things right with this pregnancy. After Stevie and Moira are dogged on the road by a reckless Harley rider, Stevie discovers the rider is her old friend Sharon. Sharon has looked Stevie up, and is eager to get reacquainted. They have a lot in common, including their children who they gave up at a young age. Apart from being reacquainted with her son, Sharon’s life has been a road of hard knocks. When she asks if Stevie is running a book on the endurance ride being held on Drovers, Stevie suspects Sharon is in trouble and offers her a loan which Sharon rejects, denying she’s in trouble. Their differences come out during the ante-natal classes. Stevie finds herself embarrassed by Shaz’s rough approach. Sharon calls her on it. Later, after a lively story from Sharon over dinner, Grace questions Sharon’s presence on the farm and Stevie, guilty of judging Sharon herself, defends her. Later Moira and Grace find Sharon using Stevie’s name to legitimise the betting operation. Grace’s suspicions that Sharon is no good are proven right when Stevie discovers — thanks to some unintentional spying by Tayler and Patrick — that Sharon has paid an official to rig the race. Stevie publicly fixes Sharon’s mistake. In private, Stevie kicks Sharon out, blasting her for her childish behaviour — it’s no way for a parent to act. Sharon reveals that really she has no relationship with her son Leigh. He wants nothing to do with her, and she is all alone. Stevie tells Sharon that Drovers is a place for second chances, and invites her to stay on the farm.

4. Nowhere to Hide
Kate is raring to finish her pipe project when she comes across a young man, Jamie, broken down on the stock route. Kate assumes it must be her camp man and the pipe project takes a back seat. Taking Jamie’s car back to Drover’s Run to get it fixed, Kate tries to talk to Jamie and get him to open up about his problems. All the questions are too much and he runs, stealing her car. Kate manages to catch him but he won’t talk. She forces him to work as payment for damaging her car. Kate then discovers Jamie is not her camp man. He admits he’s a runaway, fleeing from his parents’ high expectations. Kate questions her job on Drovers. Father Dan gently pushes her in the direction of a job helping troubled teens. When Jamie reconnects with his parents, Kate realises she must leave Drovers to follow her true calling. Meanwhile, Noisy the dog is making Patrick and Tayler’s nights hell, howling when Tayler’s away and killing the mood when she’s at home. Tayler thinks the dog is jealous of Patrick and suggests they move in together. Patrick baulks at the idea, leaving Tayler confused.
A new face at Mcleod’s daughters 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nicky Yunupingu member off Yothu Yindi found death

Nicky_Yunupingu_Yothu Yindi_band

YOTHU Yindi band member Nicky Yunupingu, the nephew of powerful indigenous leader Galarrwuy Yunupingu, has died from an apparent suicide following a stabbing incidentthis happend just hours after the 26-year-old danced with his uncle for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Nicky Yunupingu, who played didgeridoo in Yothu Yindi, Australia’s best known indigenous band, danced shoulder to shoulder with his uncle Galarrwuy, for Mr Rudd and his ministers, who were visiting the Top End for a cabinet meeting on July 23. after the performance for the prime minister he had argued with his wife at Yirrkala, Galarrwuy Yunipingu’s wife picked him up walking alone on the road from Yirrkala to Nhulunbuy. Nicky Yunupingu visited a club nearby Ski Beach where Fairfax reported he became involved in a fight with a 23-year-old female friend. The woman, now in a stable condition in Gove District Hospital, suffered 14 stab wounds. Nicky believed the woman had died and took his own life. His wife found his body. A ceremonial funeral is planned for the young dancer and musician, who travelled the territory using stories and songs to encourage vulnerable indigenous children to stay in school and stay healthy.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bindi Irwin’s birthdaycake

Bindi Irwin_10th birthday

Bindi’s birthday was on the 24th of july, and on her birthday cake was an image of her father Steve and her mother and baby brother. what i cannot understand is that so many people have a problem with that. Why, WHY, should she have to forget her father, WHY, is it not alowed to think of her father on a day like this. She loved her dad, she misses him, but still she is laughing, she looks happy, and i yust want to say to all the people that make stupid remarks about her, GET A LIFE, and leave the kid alone. I think Terri is doing a great job, and that both of the kids look very happy. Sure you have to live on, but I donot see nowhere that they are not doing that. And what kind of person are you to say about a bright, sparkling little girl that she is ugly, I wonder if this person is an adult, this person should be ashamed of him/her self. Check out these comments on

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