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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mcleods season 6

 Mcleods_season 6

Alex is missing but soon returns with his new fiancée, Fiona and unknowingly breaks Stevie’s heart. Tess learns that Nick’s remains have been found. Jodi finally reveals to Tess that they are sisters, but things don’t go as she had hoped. Alex and Fiona’s engagement is publicly announced, thanks to a meddling Harry. A jealous Stevie looks into Fiona’s past. Tess asks Jodi to move into the main house. Heartbroken Stevie has a one-night stand that she may soon regret. Jodi learns Rob’s secret and they are brought closer together. Moira moves into Drovers Run. With their biological meat status lost, and no prospects for new buyers, the women of Drovers struggle to keep the bank from taking the farm. In an effort to help, Stevie gambles away Drover money. Sandra takes advantage of the weakness at Drover’s Run by messing up Tess’s deal with a buyer. After a pregnancy scare, Tess offers Jodi half her share of Drovers. Jodi fights for the respect of the local farmers. Harry begins receiving death threats. After many confusing dreams and visions, Tess begins to suspect Nick is really alive. Kate thinks she may have skin cancer. Moira questions her psychic abilities. Nick returns home, but he is troubled by flash-backs of Argentina and his mugging. Kate goes to see a cancer specialist. Tess learns that Nick wants to return to Argentina, but must decide if she’s really ready to leave Drovers. A brumby stallion lures Phoenix back to the wild. Jodi discovers that a journalist seeking a story on Nick is actually after Rob. Jodi risks her own life in an attempt to save Rob from hitman that is hunting him. Dave’s brother, Patrick, returns with a truckload of goats. Meg proposes to Terry. When Patrick is blinded in an accident, he must rely on Kate for help. Jodi arranges a surprise wedding for Meg & Terry. Stevie and Fiona take on a horse dealer and learn respect for each other. Regan returns to Drovers with a devastating secret. Through an accident, Fiona discovers she is infertile and decides to NOT tell Alex. Now that  everyone knows about Meg & Jack McLeod’s affair, and who Jodi’s biological father is, Stevie forces Jodi to step up to the responsibilities of running Drovers as a part owner. Alex asks Stevie to be his best man, but Stevie ends up as Fiona’s bridesmaid. Kate and Moira find common ground when they partner up for a radio trivia quiz and Harry receives more death threats. Jodi believes she has killed Harry Ryan in a car accident and is facing manslaughter charges. A Japanese trade delegation visits Drovers to make a lucrative export deal with ‘Gungellan Fresh’. Stevie helps a Japanese delegate’s Australian wife reconcile with her husband and her new life in Tokyo. Alex learns the real story of Harry’s life. Feeling responsible for his death, Stevie guiltily admits to Alex that she argued with Harry the morning he died. Alex reconciles with his father’s ghost and is able to give a heartfelt eulogy. Kate and Regan learn new respect for each other when a lead poisoning mystery forces them to work together. Jodi’s ‘father’, Kevin Fountain, returns wanting to get his daughter back and Jodi is devastated to learn he is using her for her inheritance money. The girls race against the clock to shear 500 sheep before morning in order to make an important Gungellan Fresh sale. Fiona’s mother Trudie arrives at Killarney, determined to see the wedding through. Jealous of Stevie and desperate not to lose Alex, Fiona tells him she’s pregnant. Stevie discovers Fiona is lying about being pregnant. Racing to stop the wedding, Stevie is too late — Fiona has fast-tracked the ceremony before Stevie can tell Alex. Dave admits he cannot dance and begs Regan for help. In exchange, Dave sets out to change Regan’s views on marriage and the two end up rekindling their romance. When brumbies are found shot dead, the Drovers girls suspect Riley, a handsome stranger. Sandra moves back into Killarney, convinced she is carrying out Harry’s legacy. Moira and Regan go into a fuel carting business together. Kate decides to find her inner daredevil  to impress Patrick. Stevie and Riley clash over horse training techniques when the pressure is on to have a horse ready for sale in a day. Regan buys a quad bike as a horse substitute, but an accident makes her realise that she must learn to ride to become a true Drover’s girl. Sandra and Fiona create a stalemate of power at Killarney when it’s revealed they each have damaging information on the other. Moira’s husband, Hugh, returns to Gungellan, wanting her back. Regan saves the day when she discovers that a paratyphoid outbreak on Drovers is the result of Sandra’s dirty work. Jodi realises that family ties are more important than winning the inaugural Gungellan Fresh Cross Country Challenge. Post race, news comes that Tess & Nick’s baby daughter has been born…Claire Ruth Ryan. When evidence mounts against Stevie, Kate starts to believe that she could be guilty of Harry Ryan’s murder. Riley reacts badly when a local trainer is revealed to be abusing his horses. Kate and Patrick’s night of passion is  interrupted when Kate is distracted by the evidence against Stevie. Kate learns a valuable lesson about trusting her heart when she realises she was wrong to go to the police about Stevie. When Alex returns to Killarney, Fiona gains the upper hand over Sandra by faking a miscarriage (!) and confessing that she may be infertile. When the mood of the town turns against Stevie, Jodi pulls Drovers Run out of the Gungellan Fresh Cooperative. When Leo returns to the district, Stevie loses control when trying to prove he murdered Harry Ryan. Alex discovers Fiona lied about the pregnancy. Sandra loses the war when Fiona’s honesty leads Alex to kick Sandra out of Killarney for good. Moira’s decision to take a shortcut leads to a dangerous petrol spill on Drovers Run. With his marriage on shaky ground, Alex’s world is turned upside down when he and Stevie nearly kiss!!! Tensions rise between the Drovers’ girls when Jodi is forced to make a farm decision based on the possibility that Stevie will go to jail. As Stevie   ties up loose ends on her last day at Drovers Run before trial, she’s saved at the final hour by a Ryan’s desperate confession. Eager to integrate herself into the community to save her marriage, Fiona joins the CFS. Alex is at loggerheads with Riley when gates are mysteriously left open all over Killarney. Stevie is excited about her daughter Rose coming to stay and sees it as an opportunity to rebuild their relationship, but Rose sees it differently. Also on Stevie’s mind is the kiss she and Alex shared. It’s Gungellan’s 150th anniversary and the town is celebrating, but Jodi comes to blows with the organiser and discovers that history is repeating itself. Unaware of Leo and Stevie’s history, Rose secretly starts seeing Leo. Riley, Alex, Jodi and Kate take cattle along the stock route overnight. A series of pranks ends with an outburst from Riley that shocks them all. When Patrick discovers a ring box in Dave’s car, Jodi and Kate warn Regan to prepare for a proposal. Rose and Stevie enthusiastically prepare for dinner with Rose’s “mystery man”, but are horrified when Rose’s date turns out to be Leo. Kate wants to apply for the Young Farmer of the Year Award, but is crushed when she discovers Jodi has entered, because Kate has never beaten Jodi at anything. Jodi has introduced Boer goats onto Drovers and wants to associate them with Gungellan Fresh, but Phil Rakich is against it and bad mouths them. Riley overhears and gets his revenge, but when it backfires Rakich threatens to sue…Jodi is furious. Dave and Regan make some decisions about their relationship, but is it really what they both want. When Alex returns from the city, Stevie fears he’s changed his mind about leaving Fiona for her. Meanwhile, Patrick and Jodi battle it out over who knows Kate the best, while the Boer goats behave strangely by refusing to drink. In the midst of the storm, Jodi wakes from a devastating nightmare about Rob and fleeing from the hitman. Fiona is free to leave the hospital and the newly-separated couple endure a tense return to Killarney. Riley tells Jodi that he needs help searching for a brumby that escaped during the storm. Stevie learns that Alex missed their rendezvous only due to circumstance and she believes there may still be hope for their love. Dave gets offered a research job in Africa for two years and although he’s tempted, he convinces himself, and everyone else, that he’s not interested. Kate’s relationship with Patrick is not travelling well. Stevie is now determined that if Alex wants a war, that’s what he’s going to get. Moira, newly divorced, finds herself the object of Phil Rakich’s affection. Kate is rattled. Dave’s imminent move to Africa has awoken old feelings and whenever she sees him now she lapses into daydreams of Dave declaring his love for her. Over at Killarney, Fiona turns up claiming half the furniture and sets the tone of the conflict by chainsawing the dining room table in half. Riley wants to join the CFS, but Jodi takes this as a clumsy ploy to get near her.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

McLeods after Claire dies

Mcleods_season 4 

Season four 

Six months after Claires death and Tess has thrown herself into work and decides to reinstate the horse breeding and training program at Drovers. A stolen horse, a raging bushfire, and Stevie defying orders push Tess to the limit, resulting in her breaking down. Tess is disconcerted to learn Stevie can ‘read’ her so well while playing poker. Stevie explains the theory of ‘tells’, signs that give away what a person is really thinking. Stevie finds herself set up as prime suspect for ‘borrowing’ Sandra’s bull, Crusher, after agreeing to transport him for Sandra and settle the outstanding debt between them. When Crusher turns up in a Drovers paddock, apparently ready to service cows on heat, the finger of suspicion is immediately pointed at Stevie. Tess, unaware of Stevie’s ‘deal’ with Sandra and knowing Stevie’s history of ‘borrowing’ other people’s possessions, reluctantly thinks the worst. Hoping to avoid police involvement, she agrees to sign over half the calves resulting from the serviced cattle to Sandra. Outraged, Stevie does her own sleuthing on Sandra’s property and learns Crusher broke his penis several days earlier and it’s impossible that he could have sired any offspring! Stevie and Tess realise they’ve been had. Tess’ world is turned upside down by the arrival of a man claiming to be Jack McLeod’s long lost son. Too bad Nick has some suspicions about Jack. Sandra has a surprising solution when Alex and Nick face a heart wrenching decision. Terry starts a new job but his family are concerned it is not all what it is cracked up to be. Stevie uncovers a dying man’s secret, and some secrets of her own are ready to rock Drovers Run. Meanwhile, Terry gets a new job working at the garage; Tess and Nick make plans for a dinner date, but her health may ruin the evening. Sheep continue to die on Drovers Run from an unknown cause. Tess must decide between Dave & Nick. Tess and Nick butt heads while coping with their faltering relationship. Terry has become very focused on his new job at the garage, which is  getting on Meg’s nerves. Stevie and Jodi continue to disagree on how to work Drovers Run. Alex is taken by surprise when his first love, Tracy Morrison, arrives at Killarney asking him to join her Wild West show, and Stevie is not at all happy about Tracy’s reappearance. Tess goes to Nick for help when the wrong semen is sent for artificial insemination for her sheep. Tess has a fight on her hands when Peter claims custody of Charlotte. Meanwhile, Alex enlists the help of his barrister father, Bryce. An old well on Drovers Run holds a forgotten secret for Tess, leading her to a decision about the future of Charlotte. Nick and Alex receive some surprising news from Harry and Sandra. Stevie’s ex-husband arrives at Drovers with some surprising news. Jodi tries to convince the guys to pose for a CFS calendar to raise money..naked! Tess & Stevie hunt a group of squatters on the land. Tess trusts the wrong stranger with her cattle and they end up being taken, along with Jodi. Tess enlists the aid of Nick, Stevie   and Alex on her search. Alex doesn’t understand when Stevie freaks out when she sees her name printed on the flyers for the Rodeo School. Drastic changes are about to happen when Meg’s sister, Celia, pays a visit and Meg takes a long hard look at her future. A wild animal is stalking the sheep of Drovers Run, and suspicions falls on a possibly feral-turned working dog, Roy. Jodi battles with what seems like the biggest decision of her life after Kate Manfredi arrives at Drovers Run. Sandra’s pregnancy causes more sorrow than joy. The girls hit the road, decked out in their finest for a big night at the “Bachelor & Spinsters’ Ball”, but Stevie has a secret agenda that the others are about to uncover. The Ryan brothers and Dave get into a barfight while waiting for the girls to show up. Stevie’s daughter, Rose, arrives unannounced and life at Drovers is thrown into turmoil for everyone. Alex helps Kane with a prank. Stevie and Alex have their first weekend Rodeo school class, but an innocent flirtation turns into something more dangerous for Kate, when one of the students develops a crush on her. Tess reaches out to Nick when he’s sick. Stevie finds herself falling for Kane, while Alex’s growing friendship with him creates estrangement between the Ryan brothers. Kate begins having nightmares about her stalker. Tess’s birthday forces her to take a long, hard look at herself, but she “sees” more than she bargained for and unwittingly creates some midsummer night’s madness. Alex and Stevie’s friendship is put to a test when Kane comes between them. Tess’s plans to propose to Nick go haywire when Dave makes a discovery that threatens to derail the proposal permanently. With Tess and Nick making it official Harry sees this as his way in for Drovers. As marriage looms for Tess and Nick and Tess finds herself in over her head. Newly engaged Tess and Nick sit for a pre-marriage compatibility test and achieve a 100 percent score. Jodi thinks she may have found love, but can she trust Luke, and more importantly, can everyone else? An earth tremor makes Tess worried about the omens for her wedding to Nick. The earth moves for Stevie and Alex, too, and they try and pretend that nothing happened. Nick and Tess approach the altar at last, but there is heartache to endure before any glimpse of a gold ring and a future together. Kate and Stevie let pride take over trying to prove themselves in preparation for Tess and Nick’s return from their honeymoon. Stevie helps Alex heal. The Drovers girls have a tough time adjusting to Nick as the new ‘Man of the House’. Dave makes a career-threatening mistake. Past passions are whispering around the halls of Drovers Run as Tess’s cousin, Jasmine, arrives with her father’s ashes and a few other skeletons besides. Alex helps Jasmine McLeod overcome her fear of riding and in the process finds himself falling in love with her. Tess decides she wants to start a family, but how will Nick cope when Charlotte comes to stay? Stevie has a secret admirer. Nick and Tess discover the honeymoon is over when  Nick’s ex-girlfriend, Sally Clements, returns with a revelation that might threaten their happiness. Things couldn’t be more tense, with Kane now living in the cottage with Stevie, and Sally staying in the main house with Nick and Tess.

Mcleods_season 5 

Season five

Sally and baby Harrison now living at Wilgul threatens Tess’s marriage; she escapes on an overnight muster only to be faced with a life and death situation she herself causes. Meanwhile, Alex and Dave are concerned about Harry’s state of mind since Sandra left. The women of Drovers take on the big boys of the sheep industry at the annual Wool Expo. As Nick’s web of lies about Sally and the baby come undone Tess makes her feelings clear leaving him no choice but to leave Drover’s Run and his wife behind. Meg heads home earlier than scheduled when she hears of Nick and Tess’ estrangement, but soon finds Tess is burying her head in the sand, with work. Meanwhile, Meg is shocked to learn of Jodi’s newfound enthusiasm for drag racing and unimpressed when she learns Terry appears to have done little to dissuade her. The passionate, stubborn side of Dave is exposed when he stumbles across an injured horse and believes he has found a descendent, a Waler, of the first settlement horses. Meanwhile, Jodi is torn between her job and preventing Luke from taking dangerous risks and ruining his future; Meg and Terry realise they’ve been too busy embracing change to give their old relationship time; Sally ends up in hospital with a blood clot on the lungs. Harry is secretly thrilled when he hears Sandra is back in town, however their initial meeting doesn’t go well when neither are capable of confessing their love. Meanwhile, Kate tries to convince Stevie to reinstate Jodi, whom she fired the previous week, but Stevie won’t budge unless Jodi admits she’s wrong, and Jodi won’t return unless Stevie asks her. Incapacitated by an injured foot, a bored Stevie has become addicted to the two-way radio, which causes her to get involved in a mystery. Kate is offered a farm manager’s job at Kinsellas by Sandra. Kate’s job as overseer of Sandra’s property isn’t quite her dream job, as she isn’t respected by the men. Jodi has gone into business for herself. Tess and Stevie are just barely managing Drovers on their own. Dave steps up in an   effort to get Nick and Tess reunited. Looking forward to a high-school hiking-club reunion, Kate is in for a shock when her first love, Daniel Ponter, turns up. The reunion also stirs up some difficult feelings for Jodi. Sally arrives to take Harrison home. After Harry suffers a stroke, and the cause is traced back to heart disease, he reconsiders his plans for Killarney. Meg decides to throw her hat into the political ring, but her stance causes her to hit an unexpected snag. Alex asks Jodi to show his new bull in competition. Nick discovers that Harry’s heart illness may effect him in more ways than he realized, causing distress for himself and Tess. The women of Drovers win the lottery, but their ticket continues to stay just out of their reach. Cattle from Drovers goes missing at Killarney, and Alex suspects Sandra is responsible. When Stevie’s high school boyfriend re-enters her life, she must decide whether to tell him about Rose. Terry leaves Luke in charge of the truck stop but Luke may be in over his head. Jodi must face reality when Luke once again gets himself into hot water, and her friends are nearly torn apart trying to help her stop him from getting himself in deeper. Meanwhile, Dave, Nick and Tess learn a lesson in money management. Another McLeod cousin, Regan, visits Drovers Run and causes a few problems, but Stevie must rely on Regan’s help to escape a life-threatening farm accident. Dave is attracted to Regan. As Dave and Regan fall for each other, Kate realizes Regan has a secret she’ll do anything to protect. Nick is sleepwalking, and Tess worries. Dave, Regan & Tess go on an afternoon picnic when Nick heads into town for a meeting. Stevie takes care of Charlotte for the afternoon, but when the child goes missing, she turns Drovers upside down to find her. Jodi gives Kate a facial, with disastrous results. Nick and Tess prepare to leave Drovers Run for their trip to Argentina. Tess & Stevie are blindsided by Regan’s announcement that she plans to dig up the land in search of gold. Jodi meets a handsome stranger, Rob, who turns out to be the new overseer at Killarney. When Regan brings in equipment to further mine, the women of Drovers put up a fight and vow to stop her, in a legal way or not. Rob clashes with Sandra over farm equipment. Dave finds that his involvement with Regan is not making him any friends. It’s Harry’s birthday and he’s feeling despressed. Alex drives Sandra to Fisher for an appointment. Kate tries to avoid Dave during a birdcall competition, but he makes it difficult. Kate’s grandmother comes for a visit and Kate is in hot water when she’s caught in a web of her own lies. Stevie tries to save a life as a dust storm sweeps across Drovers Run. Meanwhile, Harry buys the truck stop and appoints Moira as manager, leaving Terry as a lowly mechanic. Alex is overcome by toxic fumes while cleaning an old water tank. Jodi gives Meg advice about how to fix her relationship with Terry. Stevie discovers that Meg is hiding something concerning Jodi’s birth. Stevie locks horns with Sandra, but then later helps her through a crisis. Alex spends the day with Charlotte and learns some surprising information about Rob. Jodi thinks Rob might be gay. Stevie has to decide whether or not to tell her daughter Rose who her real mother is, when Rose, and Stevie’s sister Michelle, arrive for a visit. Rob learns that Jodi thinks he’s gay and decides to have a little fun with her. Rose looks for answers as she devles into Stevie’s past. Jodi is forced to spend the day with Rob transporting cattle. Kate, Meg and Dave have to bring in the cattle when they get loose. Dave’s brother drops in, literally, for a visit and look out Kate! Stevie and Alex hunt a predator that is stalking the animals on Drovers Run and Killarney. Jodi contemplates changing her name. Jodi’s world is turned topsy-turvy when she receives a birthday gift from the deceased, Jack McLeod. Dave begins training a new veterinary student. Dave is threatened with a sexual harrassment lawsuit from his former student. After confronting Meg about Jack’s gift to her, Jodi realizes her whole life has been a lie, and she struggles with her identity, while spending time with Rob. Jodi learns that her mother’s novel is based on real life, as it details the mystery surrounding her birth. Harry clashes with Alex over a deal. Tess returns home to Drovers, with news that she’s pregnant, but her joy is soon turned to grief when Nick’s plane crashes and he is presumed dead. Jodi attempts to verify that she is Jack McLeod’s daughter. Sandra worries about Harry. While planning a celebration of Nick’s life, on the 1st Anniversary of their marriage, Tess anticipates seeing Nick’s ghost, as she did Claire’s. Alex goes on a journey to grieve over Nick, while Harry believes keeping his grandson close to him is the most important thing in the world right now. Tess receives a letter Nick wrote to her before he died. Stevie realizes she’s in love with Alex, but can’t bring herself to tell him. Harry continues to push for his grandson to live near him, despite the objections of Sandra. Jodi gets the results of her DNA test. Tess has a strange reocurring dream..about Nick.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rapper Bindi Irwin


Late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi is launching a new career as a rapper. The nine-year-old releases her debut hip-hop single “Trouble In The Jungle” next month. Bindi’s song contains the lyrics: “I’m afraid of grizzly bears, but don’t you see / Grizzly bears should really be afraid of me/There’s trouble in the jungle / We find that man kind is not so kind at all.” Since her father was killed by a stingray in September 2006, Bindi has launched a clothing line and a children’s fitness DVD, appeared in a stage show and become an official Australian tourism ambassador. Her manager John Stainton recently disclosed that Bindi also turned down the opportunity to star in a Hollywood movie.

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