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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gaby Denneman, Highlight

Gaby Denneman, Highlight, Cover California

Highlight was a pop band from the 70ths, a Dutch pop band. There leadsinger Gaby Denneman went to school with me. At the Vincentius MAVO in Heerlen, Gaby i can remember was always singing. Than in the 70ties she joined this band Highlight. They had several numbers in the hit parades. With their song California, they hat a big succes, it scored number 10 in the hit lists in Holland. We kept seeing each other when she and her mother and sister came shopping in the shop i used to work for in Heerlen. And she always stayed normal, and nice like she always was. Not like, look at me, i am famous. She even opened a boutique her selve in Heerlen, i just cannot remember the name of it. It was a small little boutique with very, great dresses. Sadly Gaby died in a car accident in 1983, if i am right informed, she came back from a concert when it happened, and normaly her father would drive her, but this night she was driving herself. I visit her grave so now and than, she lies in the same graveyard as my parents. And her grave has music notes on it. Its so Gaby, i was shocked when i heard of her death, i can imagined how much pain and grief it must have been for her family to loose her. She hat a great voice and if she would not have died so young i believe we would have heard a lot more of her.

Gaby Denneman, Highlight Gaby Denneman, Highlight

More of Highlights songs where;
California from 1977
Hello how are you 1977
One, One and one 1978
Round in circles 1978
LP Highlight in 1977
In 2004 a new release of California

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Worlds longest Golfcourse in Western Australia


International tourists could be swinging their clubs across the Nullarbor on the world’s longest golf course by 2008 after a funding injection for the ambitious project  can be bought. To hit a ball on the new to be made Eyre Highway golfcourse, the 18-hole golf course will be built over 1,365km and across two states. This will make this golfcourse the longest in the world. Each hole will be next to a little village along the highway of the Nullarbor area in the South of Australia. Golfers can start in the mining city Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and the last hole will be in Ceduna.The idea is to slow down the 250,000 people who travelled the Eyre Highway each year. Tourism Minister Fran Bailey on Wednesday announced $331,000 funding for the Nullarbor links project. The money is part of a package of more than $4.8 million for tourism initiatives in regional areas struggling from drought.  It’s probably the most unique thing. You won’t be able to do this anywhere else. There are newspaper articles in every major newspaper throughout the world. It’ll be West Australia’s hugest international icon. Several American tourists have already travelled to the area to play the existing four holes but the idea will be a hit among Japanese tourists as well. They’ll be flocking in hordes to get over here and play this.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jinx, a Groenendaeler

Jinx_a_Groenendaeler Jinx_a_Groenendaeler

Jinx is my sisters dog, he is a Groenendaeler, he is 11 years old, born on 25th of june 1996, its a Belgium Sheperd. He is a great dog, he likes to be cuddled, and he has very good manours. He knows that he has to eat his biscuit on his blanket. Me and my daughter where doggie sitting him last weekend, because my sister and her husband went away for the weekend. Its always a bit strange to take somebodies elses dog out for a walk, because you donot know wich other dogs he likes and which ones he does not. But we hat no problems with him. He was a bit angry with my sister when she came back, because i think she left him for a few days, and he has never been with somebodie else for his whole life. It was so nice to be able to take a dog for a long walk again, since my two dogs, Beau and Gina died, Beau last year march and Gina last august. Gina was 17 so long walks where not on her list anymore. Jinx is like my two dogs, and i like him very, very much, he is my mate. He yust loves potatoes, and if he gets the change he will eat even the skin.And i think i am his mate too, if you look at the photo, he would ly in front of me with his face on my feet. I hope my sister will ask us again when she needs somebodie to watch him.

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