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Monday, August 6, 2007

Krezip at Parkfeesten in Venlo

Parkfeesten 2007


It’s always a big happening, and always a surprise which bands will perform, and it’s so cool that all this happens in the town you live in. This year we where so lucky, KREZIP was there on Friday. They started their show at 8 o’clock and man where they good. I went with my daughter Soozie, I picked her up from her work at 6 o’clock. You have to be in on time otherwise you have to stand all the way in the back, and if it’s to bussie, you cannot get in. But we first hat something to eat, and than went to the park. The festival is always for free, and it goes for four days. All kinds of entertainment you can watch these 4 days. Krezip started out as a high school band and after ten years they are still together and just released their new album “Plug it in”. My daughter Soozie hat the time of her life, and we where both very happy that we went. They played songs from their new album and songs from previous albums. And to make Soozie even more happier than she already was they played “I would Stay”.

Albums they released:

Run Around - 1999

Nothing Less - 2000

Days like this - 2002

What are you waiting for - 2005

Plug it in - 2007

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wildlife Clinics

Female Big Red Kangaroo

The Wildlife Clinics at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos care for over 1,500 native animals each year. These animals are brought to the clinics by members of the community after being found sick, injured or orphaned. The main aim of the Wildlife Clinics at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos is to rehabilitate as many native animals as possible back to the wild. The range of animals that are treated is enormous, ranging from stranded seals and orphaned baby bats, to pelicans tangled in fishing line. All these animals need immediate professional care and attention before they can be rehabilitated and returned to their natural environment. The clinics at both Taronga and Western Plains Zoos provide a high standard of veterinary expertise in the care of native animals and are well equipped with the latest veterinary facilities. When an animal arrives at the clinic it is immediately examined by a zoo veterinarian and its condition assessed. Whenever possible the rescuer is involved in the eventual release of the animal. Each animal receives a record sheet, on which details of its encounter, treatment and progress during rehabilitation are entered. Prior to release into its former habitat, or a similar one, mammals are ear tagged and in some cases radio tracked, and birds are leg banded to identify them as former Wildlife Clinic patients. In this way it is hoped that further information can be gained on survival rates and post-release behaviour. Some animals arrive as orphans and require hand-rearing by Zoo staff. If the orphaned animal is unsuitable for release, it may be kept at Taronga or Western Plains Zoos’ Education Centres where children can increase their understanding of Australian native fauna.

Wildlife Road Safety Tips

Drive carefully at dawn and dusk when many animals are active.
Check the pouches of dead animals for joeys which sometime remain uninjured.
Remove dead animals from the road as they attract meat-eating animals which then may be hit by a car.

First Aid for Injured Animals

Place unconscious animals on their side.
Keep the animal warm and quiet
Small orphans (pouch young) can be wrapped up and placed inside clothing to provide warmth.
Stop bleeding with a pressure bandage
Keep the animal away from young children, domestic pets and loud noises
Don’t handle more than necessary
Don’t pet the animal


Transport to the Wildlife Clinic, a veterinarian or wildlife carer as quickly as possible
Place the animal on its side on the floor of the vehicle (if immobile) or in a cardboard box (with lots of ventilation holes and towels on the bottom), wrap it in a towel or place in a pillow case

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alanis Morissette


One of the singers I admire the most is Alanis Morissette, I just love her songs, her writing, her album Jagged Little Pill came out the year I was going threw my divorce. Working in my new house, I played that album so much, I still surprised that my new neighbours did not complain. Alanis is born 1st of June 1974 in Ottawa Ontario, can you image that she played the piano since she was 6 years old and started to write her own songs by the time she was 9. When she is 11 years she releases her first single “Fate stay with me”, written by herself off cause. In 1991 she releases her first album “Alanis”, the single “Too Hot” enters the Top 10 in Canada. She gets two times platinum for this album and in 1992 she wins a “Juno” for most promising new singer. Her second album “Now is the time” is not as strong as her first and she looses her recording contract, and it looks for a moment that this was it for her. She moves to Toronto and hopes to be able to stay in the business, but with out resold, than she moves to Los Angeles, and finds producer Glenn Ballard, and it clicks between them. They start writing right away and her songs become more personal and very open. She visits a few record companies and finally she signed with Madonna’s new label “Maverick”. Than in 1995 “Jagged Little Pill”comes out, and the songs “You oughta know”, “Hand in my pocket”, “All I really want”, “Ironic”, “You Learn”, “Head over Feet”, she sells over 30 million albums and from the 6 Granny nominations she wins 4. She was in Holland in May 1996, at Pinkpop, that’s in the South of Holland were I live. And I would have loved to go, but considering I was divorced and just started a new job, it was impossible for me to go. But I watched it on tevee off cause. She is tiered after touring for one and a half years, and diced to go pack packing in India and here she finds the inspiration for a new album, even more open and personal “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie”, again she sales over 7 million albums. She makes a MTV unplugged series and she plays a small part in a movie. “Under rug Swept” another album I love, comes out in 2001, and “So-called Chaos” in 2004, she has cut off her long hair, and is in love with actor Ryan Reynolds.

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