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Monday, June 4, 2007

Poffertjes Recipe


Since I seen how Australian like our Dutch poffertjes, I thought I could give you the recipe to make them yourselves.

Recipe for 60 pieces

200 grams flour
40 grams butter or margarine
3,5 dl milk
8 grams yeast
2 grams salt

Warm the milk until its lukewarm. Mix the salt through the flour en make a small hole in the flour. Put a bit of the milk with the yeast and pour this with 2/3 from the milk in the small hole in the flour. Make a thick seizure while you stir . Put the rest of the lukewarm milk with the seizure to make it lesser thick. Leave the seizure underneath a wet cloth on a warm space, so the seizure can rise, leave it for one hour. Put butter in you’re Poffertjes pan and fill the holes with the seizure, but not more than half full and bake the Poffertjes brown on both sides but just for a small time. Serve with butter and powder sugar.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

No one but you

This is a very special song to me, it always makes me think of my cousin i lost last year at a very young adge, Youri, he only became 23 years old

A hand above the water
An angel reaching for the sky
Is it raining in Heaven -
Do you want us to cry ?

And everywhere the broken-hearted
On every lonely avenue
No-one could reach them
No-one but you

One by one
Only the Good die young
They’re only flying to close to the sun
And life goes on -
Without you…

Another tricky situation
I get to drowning in the Blues
And I find myself thinking
Well - what would you do ?

Yes! - it was such an operation
Forever paying every due
Hell, you made a sensation
You found a way through - and
(You found a way through)

One by one
Only the Good die young
They’re only flying to close to the sun
We’ll remember -

And now the party must be over
I guess we’ll never understand
The sense of your leaving
Was it the way it was planned ?

And so we grace another table
And raise our glasses one more time
There’s a face at the window
And I ain’t never, never saying goodbye…

One by one
Only the Good die young
They’re only flying to close to the sun
Crying for nothing
Crying for no-one
No-one but you

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne
How to make Chili Con Carne


1 can of brown beans
1 red paprika
1 green paprika
1 union
500 gr champignons
300 grams meatloaf
2 bottles calve chili saus
use spices you would normaly use for youre meatloaf
1 meatstock block
if you like you can put garlic in it, i never do

How to make

slice the paprikas, union, and champignons, put a small piece of butter in the pan bake them in a high pan till the paprikas are soft ad the meatloaf, and sturr until meatloaf is done ad the two bottles of chili saus, ad 1 bottle of water to it, same size as chili saus bottles i always use a meatblock and crush that arround in the pan lett it simmer until the chili is really hot, keep stirring serve with french bread and salat.

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