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Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Hoe maak ik balkenbrij.

Ik maak het altijd zoals mijn vader het recept aan ons kinderen heeft doorgegeven. Als ik de recepten op het internet lees dan gruwel ik een beetje brrrr. Ons recept is simpel en lekker.

Neem anderhalve kilo hamschijf, ribjes of poulet

400 gr bloedworst

kruiden, nootmuskaat,peper, vleeskruiden en 3 of 4 bouilonblokjes

1 tot 2 pakken boekweitmeel

Zet het vlees net onder water op, liefst eerst in blokjes snijden en doe de kruiden erbij.

Laat zachtjes koken tot het vlees gaar is.

De laatste 15 min de bloedworst toevoegen.

Alles goed onder elkaar roeren met de boekweitmeel (water niet afschudden) en roeren tot je de lepel niet meer kunt bewegen, goed af laten koelen en bakken in een beetje zonnebloem olie dan wordt het lekker knapperig

Eet smakkelijk………..

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Friday, July 24, 2009



You can go where you like,
Wherever you care,
But wherever you roam
Possum is there.
Wherever you are,
In the bush or the town,
Possum is always
Sniffing around.
Deep in the bush
In your comfortable camp,
He’ll ransack your larder
That cheeky old scamp!
And beware when asleep
Beside the campfire:
He’ll bite your big toe,
Ooo… no creature is slyer.
And in the big city
As soon as it’s dark;
Possum and friends
Will take over the park.
She will jump your back fence
With consummate ease,
And steal your vegies
With no “may I?” or “please?”
Sometimes I would like
To chasten her manner
By scratching the bark
As would a goanna,
But I haven’t the nerve,
And I think there’s no doubt
She’d only get angry
And single me out.
Yes, I’m afraid,
It’s just as I said:
Wherever you run
Old poss is ahead,
And she waits your arrival
(She’s so very shrewd)
For she thinks you’re a walking
Supermarket of food.
So stay on alert,
Be always on guard,
For possum might now
Be raiding your yard.
But listen to that…
There, you have proof…
My friend, that is poss
Thumping over your roof.
So I hope you’re convinced,
Should I need to remind you?
Wherever you go
Possum will find you.
But what can you do?
Not a thing, I suppose;
For when possum’s around…
Just stay on your toes!

By Colin Gibson

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky Find by Kelly Stumbles


Lucky Find by Kelly Stumbles

I received a call fram a lady called Lynn. She was concerned about a little Joey that she hat seen hop across the road in front of her on the way to work. She explained that it was only tiny and nod oubt should still be with his mother. She gave the details of where she’d seen it, wich was about 10 km out the Red Range Rd where the properties of Lilburn and Sunny Glen are directly opposite each other. It was alomost 9am and I was at work with no one else to call upon I said to my boss “I just have to duck out for a while is that ok ? he said yes so off I went out hte road like a bat out of hell not knowing if I was going to be able to find this little thing. As 15-20 minutes would have passed by the time I would get there. I pulled up by the sida of the road and started to walk along the fence line clicking away in the hopes something call back. Up one side and back the other, but nothing, not a sound of any kind. I scanned the paddocks on either side looking for any movement at all, but again nothing. This   little thing could be anywhere by now and i couldn”t stay to long since I should have been at work. I was just about to give up when I thought I”ll walk towards the driveway a bit further just in case. So clicking away again I slowly headed towards the driveway. I headed up a light embankment towards some fallen braches, when i heard somethin clicking back at me. So I kept clicking till I got closer and heard clicking coming from under one of the fallen branches. It got a fright shen it saw me and tried to get out and away but I scooped it up and tucked it into my jumper. The litle Joey turned out te be a little Red-nck Wallaby ( Macropes rufogriseus) male who weighed 1130 grams and most certainly should have still been with his mother. Iwas extremly lucky to find him as he could have ended up anywhere but luckily for him he hat the sense to find a safe hidey hole. I never found any sight of his mother so as to why he was by himself hopping across a dangerous road will always be a mystery. I named him Sunny  as it was a sunny day and he was found opposite the property of Sunny Glen. He had no injuries and soon settled into his new home at my place. He has grown into a very handsome wallaby, who has transfered to pre-release at Kareen’s place on the 3rd April 2009 weighing 6kg.with his friend Mousey the Swamp Wallaby. Sp from a frantic rescue not knowing if I was going to find anything, came a beautiful Wallaby soon to be released, just what wildlife caring is all about

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